Safer and cleaner air with AirCoral lighting materials from Buzzi & Buzzi

March 18, 2020
The bactericidal action, carried out by AirCoral, acts against pathogenic agents carrying potentially serious diseases and protects spaces from pollutants present mostly in big cities.

Buzzi & Buzzi, leading company in the lighting sector, has always been known for its strong innovative spirit and for attention to the environment, combined with the uniqueness of the technologies used in lighting solutions. Since 1990, Buzzi & Buzzi succeeded thanks to a decades-long know-how and excellent performance of its products. But that’s not all: the distinctive feature of the brand are the exclusive materials, patent of the company.  AirCoral® is one of these: known for its purifying and anti-bacterial properties, the material distinguishes Buzzi & Buzzi’s production, making it the perfect choice from the perspective of human well-being.

Created to give added value to indoor environments, AirCoral® represents a unique proposal for spaces: certified by the U.S. TCNA (Tile Council of North America) for its eco-active, anti-polluting, anti-bacterial and photo-catalytic properties, it effectively contributes to improving the quality of life of those living in the areas where it is installed, making them healthier and safer.

The bactericidal action, carried out by AirCoral®, acts against pathogenic agents carrying potentially serious diseases and protects spaces from pollutants present mostly in big cities, such as Hexane, a toxic gas that is formed in urban areas due to the use of hydrocarbons for fuel or for heating.

But that’s not all: even when the light is switched off, AirCoral® continues to work. The air is purified and spaces are more salubrious even without lighting, when the source is inactive. Thus, AirCoral® becomes the preference for luminaires that need to be installed in public locations, such as health care structures, hospitals and clinics. Educational sectors, such as nursery schools, schools and universities, and tourism can benefit from the AirCoral® action, making the difference in terms of hygiene and, therefore, well-being. Finally, even the quality of life within private spaces can be significantly improved thanks to the properties carried out by the material.

The brand, which has always shown the attention it pays to its in-house R&D, makes AirCoral® a source of pride for the company. AirCoral® was created on the basis of Coral®, the first material to be patented and today known to the sector for its incredible technical qualities and resistance to atmospheric agents, impacts, abrasions, weather and any kind of context.

All Buzzi & Buzzi models made in Coral® can be manufactured, on request, in AirCoral®: characterized by a smooth and silky texture, it is best suited to multiple types of lighting projects, giving spaces an elegant and refined atmosphere.

The lighting solutions designed by Buzzi & Buzzi go beyond design and performance: the company, which today celebrates thirty years of presence in the sector, stands out for the added value dictated by its attention to research and innovation. Contributing to improve the liveability and quality of the air in spaces, Buzzi & Buzzi positions itself as an exceptional partner in the lighting field. 


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