Ketra launches next-generation lighting system, updating its entire product portfolio

March 17, 2020

Industry leader revamps the technology in each light source and unveils its new software platform for residential interiors

AUSTIN, TX (March 17, 2020) – Ketra, the LED lighting manufacturer known for creating the highest quality, most accurate Natural Light, has introduced its all-new lighting system. The product debut is the most significant release from Ketra following its acquisition by Lutron in April 2018, and reflects the shared expertise of the two lighting industry leaders.

The launch consists of retooled technology in each light source, offering an impressive series of capabilities to deliver the industry’s most advanced lighting. What’s more, a new software program--launching now for residential interiors, with a commercial software counterpart to come later this year--connects the Ketra light sources to Lutron controls.

“When Ketra entered the market ten years ago, the company set the bar with its ability to precisely mimic sunlight, completely transforming how indoor occupants experience light. It’s this spirit of innovation that has driven Ketra to the forefront of the industry,” said Horace Ho, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ketra, a Lutron Electronics company. “The combination of Lutron’s best-in-class controls and shading solutions and Ketra’s bold and beautiful light changes the paradigm of how we experience indoor environments.  We will continue to invest heavily in R&D to ensure that Ketra remains on the cutting edge as our technologies evolve.”

Ketra’s new system stands out not only for its re-engineered software platform, but all of the immersive experiences and innovation that customers originally fell in love with.

Next-Generation Ketra Lighting

Ketra is a system of light sources and controls, communicating through its brand new software platform. With the platform, users can wirelessly commission and individually control the color, temperature and intensity of up to 200 light sources. The software offers a more responsive, personalized and smoother control experience than its previous iteration.

High-Definition Palette

Ketra’s LEDs can produce 17 million colors with pinpoint precision, offering an unrivaled range of white, saturated colors and pastels. The near-infinite array of hues and color temperatures mean that today’s spaces can create any atmosphere desired, whether cozy and intimate, bright and energetic, or colorful and dramatic.

Dynamic Control of the Tunable Spectrum

To understand Ketra’s key capability in regards to its control of the spectrum, one needs to consider the thousands of color temperatures within naturally occurring white light. Some examples include sunrise, about 1,800 Kelvin; daylight, about 5,000 Kelvin; and the bright, blue sky, about 10,000 Kelvin. The “Black Body curve,” illustrated on the right below, represents this total range of white light found in nature.

Typical tunable LEDs compose a palette of a “warm white,” a “cool white,” and a moderate range of white lights between the two. The result is a limited range of white that typically goes down to just 3,000 Kelvin or 2,700 Kelvin. By contrast, Ketra’s system enables granular movement along the Black Body Curve, offering the exact color temperatures - thousands of precise colors - of light found in nature.

Ketra’s dynamic spectrum allows for Natural Light, an advanced tuning capability that replicates and extends the feeling of natural light indoors. This clever solution gently shifts in color temperature and intensity throughout the day to help people feel more connected to nature when working, living and playing indoors. The same technical feature also enables Natural Dimming, Ketra’s unique capability to emit deep, color-rich light even at 0.1% dimming levels.

What’s more, this advanced control offers “Vibrancy,” a visual effect that changes how the colors of objects appear. Similar to applying a “photo filter in real life,” Ketra’s light changes how colors appear by reflecting light differently. This transforms the perceived hues of items, presenting them as subdued and muted or bold and saturated. This feature, completely unique to Ketra, unlocks true colors in one’s favorite artwork, furnishings, and other decorative displays.

Color Lock technology

While it is standard among other LEDs to change in color due to age or temperature, Ketra’s lights are preserved indefinitely and persistently with its Color Lock technology, which recalibrates the exact color 360 times per second. This means that the same beautiful light will remain consistent throughout the entire lifespan of Ketra LEDs.

TruBeam Optics

Finally, Ketra’s TruBeam produces uniform light across wide or narrow beams. By contrast, competitors are typically limited to emitting uniform light at wide angles, which is only useful for ambient lighting. When other products try to narrow their beam for tasks or accenting, the lights typically produce color breakup. TruBeam maintains homogenized light, creating superior color uniformity across any beam. 

Architects, designers, and specifiers can now place orders for Ketra’s new system with a sales representative. Authorized dealers are located throughout the U.S. To learn more, visit

About Ketra

Founded in 2009, Ketra offers the most advanced lighting system in the world, delivering high quality light that is flexible and adjustable, allowing for tailored lighting solutions to meet any consumer needs. Ketra’s revolutionary Natural Light gradually shifts in color temperature and intensity to mimic the sun, making spaces feel seamlessly bathed in sunlight. With over 70 U.S. patents earned to date, the Ketra system is comprised of LED luminaires and lamps, controls, software and driver chip technology.

Ketra + Lutron

In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron Electronics, the leader in innovation, quality, and service for lighting controls and shades. In joining the Lutron family, Ketra gained a tenured team of experts from Lutron’s 60-year history that bring wisdom and top-notch quality and service. Together, Lutron and Ketra are building the complete luxury experience -- a seamless whole home or whole office environment that is greater than the sum of its parts. Beautiful Light. Intelligent Shades. Powerful Controls. All working harmoniously.




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