LSI/CSI Releases LS9100X Direct-AC Development Board

March 20, 2020

Melville, NY – LSI/CSI announces the availability of a complete and thoroughly integrated dim-to-warm evaluation board that features the LS9100X direct-AC LED driver. Designated X010-10P0L-30, this light engine showcases the Archimedes Series, designed to be driven directly off the 120VAC line voltage, eliminating the standard power supply and extending the long-term life of your product.

The LS9100X sports a high Power Factor (>0.97), offering enhanced energy savings to the end application.

This all-inclusive solution provides impressive performance for distributed light source applications in conjunction with the quality of light. The new board will simplify the evaluation process and speed up development times by providing those who are interested with a premium design ready for testing.

The smaller format provides significant flexibility in designing creative LED fixtures at much lower costs. The versatile X010-10P0L-30 can be strung together, allowing the user to create luminaries with much higher luminosity.

The X010-10P0L-30 is available for purchase on LSI/CSI’s website.

Please visit for more information.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 1100 lumens
  • THD <20%
  • driver on board
  • TRIAC dimmable
  • dim-to-warm
  • minimal form factor
  • voltage shutdown circuitry
  • thermal turndown circuitry
  • current limiting circuitry
  • no power supply!
  • zero electromagnetic interference

Primary Applications:

  • troffer
  • low-bay
  • high-bay
  • factory ceiling light
  • light fixtures


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