NanoLumens and AMP Capital Install Dynamic LED Feature to give Karrinyup Shopping Centre a Timeless Sense of Place

Feb. 27, 2020

Located in a suburb of Perth, Australia, Karrinyup Shopping Centre received a complex LED installation consisting of six total displays as part of AMP’s continued efforts to build a truly iconic digital network

ATLANTA, GA – NanoLumens, the award-winning creators of LED visualization solutions in any size, shape or curvature, today announced the completion of a ground-breaking new LED installation in the heart of Karrinyup Shopping Centre, an upscale retail venue located just outside of Perth, Australia. The installation, known as “The Timepiece” is suspended from a two-story ceiling above a central vertex within the shopping centre and consists of a four-sided clock sphere and a rotating double-sided pendant.

The shopping centre is managed on behalf of UniSuper by AMP Capital, an international real estate conglomerate with real estate assets exceeding $29 billion AUD (over $19 billion USD) in value who has worked fruitfully with NanoLumens in the past. Recent years have seen AMP Capital intensify their effort to innovate within many of their retail properties with striking digital display installations, each of which begins with the goal of creating something unique that enhances an environment’s sense of place. These efforts have been largely lead by AMP Capital’s Place Team, which took the design lead for the Timepiece project.

“The Timepiece concept came into being during a pivotal moment for Karrinyup Shopping Centre,” said Courtney Ross, General Manager – Commercial for AMP, Retail. “The design intent is inspired by the transitional time of the $800m retail development of Karrinyup and aims to draw inspiration from both the classic heritage of the Centre’s core, as well as the modern retail transformation taking place around it.”

The digital installation was developed for AMP by Digital Place Solutions (DPS), an Australia-based digital place consultancy with past ties to NanoLumens. Said Gerry Thorley, the Director of DPS, “This project was really about timelessness, the melding of the old and the new so that the centre could create a true sense of presence while also sparking a new contemporary vibe.” Dynapac, another firm with prior experience working alongside NanoLumens, provided the rotator systems, while Vision Sign created the sleek fiberglass enclosures for the clock sphere and the pendant. The on-site installation was undertaken by Perth based integrator Critical Room Solutions. Taking place alongside other large-scale development construction to the property, the Timepiece team worked through the night, so that no landlord, retailers, or customers were affected.

“The Timepiece installation at Karrinyup is one of the most elegant and captivating designs we have seen in our work,” said John Margetts, President of Dynapac. “Instead of rotating a simple double-sided LED board, the designers have created an art piece that is just as captivating as the content that will be played on the LED screens.” The inclusion of the rotator was important for satisfying lines-of-sight requirements for the retail facades in the mall, which include high-profile brands like H&M, Swarovski and MECCA. The rotation of the pendant also allows the feature to deliver a more dynamic experience to shoppers.

The clock sphere contains four displays, each measuring 1.96 meters high by 1.43 meters wide with a 2.5mm pixel pitch. The faces of the clock sphere are used to display a classic white watch face with black hands and numerals. Commenting on the specific look of the clock sphere, Thorley noted that, “the reason AMP Capital went with the digital clockface was so that they had the opportunity to change content if they felt like it, they wanted it to look smart.”

The pendant, which hangs beneath the clock sphere, contains an LED display on each of its two sides, with the displays each measuring 5.3 meters high by 3 meters wide. They both employ a 4.7mm pixel pitch and feature a 9:16 aspect ratio that makes it easy to format content. Though the faces of the clock sphere always show the clock image, the displays of the pendant are used to show paid advertising content, branding material for the mall itself, and seasonal or local content that changes throughout the year. Identical content can be played on each pendant display simultaneously or separate content can be played on each as needed.

“‘The Timepiece’ has allowed AMP Capital and Karrinyup Shopping Centre to create a visually captivating execution located in the heart of the centre where the local community can meet and connect for years to come, as well as the ability to partner with global and local brand for advertising and see financial returns for our investors,” said Courtney Ross, General Manager Commercial for AMP Capital, Retail.

“We are so proud to have partnered with Digital Place Solutions and Nanolumens on this stunning digital piece. It’s complexity and the inherent challenges have made this project and the final result truly original and one of the most unique digital designs in the Australian retail landscape.”

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