Comlight launches Zhaga Motion Detection Light Controller

Feb. 25, 2020

Comlight has announced the launch of its Eagle Eye Zhaga motion detection light controller for outdoor and street luminaires.

The product controls outdoor- and street luminaires based on advanced radar motion detection. Using experience from the successful Comlight Eagle Eye pole-mount technology, the system is easily deployed on dimmable LED luminaires with a Zhaga connector. The sensor can act both as a standalone motion detection luminaire controller or as an occupancy sensor under a third-party controller. It is designed in accordance with the latest Dali-2, ZD4i and Zhaga book 18 specifications. 


An advanced doppler radar motion sensor and light controller is mounted at each light point. The sensor controls the light intensity of the road lighting. If there is no traffic, the light is reduced. The light is increased to full power when a car, bicycle or pedestrian is detected. The sensors communicate wirelessly and send messages of oncoming traffic, creating a "light wave" in front of the traffic. The system is fully autonomous but can also integrate with an IoT control center. The system offers substantial energy savings along with maximum safety by always providing full lighting when there is traffic on the road. Comlight also provides solutions for general outdoor lighting in bicycle- and footpaths and more.


In Norway alone, around 1 terawatt-hour (tWh) of electricity is used annually to light state, county, municipal and private roads. This corresponds to approximately the annual electricity consumption of 50,000 Norwegian households. As the luminaires are switched to LED, this will cut consumption by half. Furthermore, smart solutions such as Comlight technology will further reduce energy consumption by at least 30%. In Norway, the Comlight system will be able to save as much as 150 gWh per year, corresponding to the consumption of over 7,500 households.  


Comlight was established in 2007, its technology developed and improved over several iterations. The company technology has reached a high maturity level, and Comlight has already installed numerous systems in many markets in- and outside Europe. 


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