Harmony and functionality for the cube: KUBS by Landa Illuminotecnica

Feb. 20, 2020

Landa Illuminotecnica is a company founded in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, which, since 1987 has specialized in the production of lighting fixtures for the outdoor sector. By interpreting the concepts of aesthetics applied to functional light, Landa implements the minimalism and technology possessed in the manufacturing processes of lighting products. Kubs is one of these, a wall or floor-standing lighting solution created especially to enhance outdoor architecture with pure, impactful light.

Designed in wall and bollard versions, Kubs is an ode to three-dimensionality. A harmonious design and the compactness of the luminaire combine the concepts important for the company, which gives the same importance to visual impact and performance. The latter, in particular, goes beyond the simple integration of lighting solutions into landscapes, combining technology, durability and efficient output. The applications of the Kubs family are all IP65 certified, making them ideal for outdoor use by protecting the source from water, weather and dust. With a 3000K colour temperature and 220-240 Vac power supply at 50-60 Hz (A++), Kubs offers energy efficiency and full emission.

For the bollard, on the other hand, customization is guaranteed by the variable height, ideal for all projects to enhance driveways and external access routes. Also proposed here with 3W and 6W power, Kubs can be 12, 35 and 70 cm high producing an asymmetrical, single or double beam, useful for creating surprising lighting effects. With an EN47100 die-cast and EN AW 6060 extruded aluminium body, this version of Kubs also boasts an extra clear polycarbonate screen.

The finishes designed for Kubs are made of powder coatings in a choice between graphite and oxide shades, offering greater customization. The customization of the product, an essential concept for the company, allows lighting and landscape designers to create outdoor scenarios liveable to the maximum, in a human-oriented perspective.

Kubs, like all the products of Landa's range, is developed with the application of specific anti-oxidation treatments carried out directly at the company to allow customers to amortize subsequent maintenance operations and to extend the life cycle of the lamp, making it highly resistant to weather, traumas and external conditions.

Customization, performance and linear and minimalist aesthetics are the basis of the brand: Landa is one of the leaders in the outdoor lighting sector thanks to its unique and decisive know-how and expertise in the sector. Continuous research and study to improve its offer: these are the factors that make the difference for Landa Illuminotecnica.


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