Lighting Industry Leader Offers New Acoustic Sound Dampening Product Line to Its Portfolio

Feb. 6, 2020

Providence, RI – Lumetta, Inc., a U.S. based innovator and industry-leading provider of custom-designed, decorative, commercial lighting products, announced it has added a new line to its broad range of distinctive luminaires. Lumetta’s “Linear Acoustic”, which incorporates a modern sleek design and acoustic sound dampening features, has entered the lighting marketplace with this multi-functional series of fixtures. “We welcome you to explore the possibilities available with our most recent collection and to discover what it can do for your customers,” stated Bill Prichett, President and Founder. “We are excited that these new fixtures provide extra value to our products and capabilities,” he adds.

Committed to innovation and responsive to market demands, Lumetta developed this series of tailor-made lighting solutions with a sleek, individual appearance, featuring clean, straightforward design lines. The Linear Acoustic series blends exquisitely with all types of commercial applications. The vibrant colors and textures, in addition to the superior luminous intensity, are effective and compelling, and allow lighting designers to highlight unlimited, flexible design arrangements. The fixtures deliver optimum output and glare-free light for a myriad of applications. This new line of acoustic fixtures augments their existing drum and tapered pendants in the L2 Acoustic series.

Lumetta has significantly expanded its reach throughout North America over recent yearsbecoming nationally recognized for designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative optical lighting solutions and providing an extensive array of superior quality lighting. The company’s engineering and design experts provide highly specialized services from product design and engineering to tooling, prototyping, and product testing. They consult and work with professionals including engineers, specifiers, architects, interior designers, and building owners in all commercial sectors, such as medical, hospitality, education, government, retail, office and transport hubs.

Bowen Wheatley, Lumetta’s Product Design Lead, explained, “Our decision to add new shapes to our Acoustic line reaffirms our total commitment to our Acoustic product range. Inspiring lighting professionals with our innovative technology, unrivaled quality, and superior customer experience is what we’re all about.”

Most of Lumetta’s fixtures are made using their proprietary Lumenate®, a material designed and used exclusively by the company for its luminaires. It is available in both matte and gloss finishes and can create translucent or opaque lighting effects. Lumenate® is washable, fade resistant; has anti-microbial properties, is designed to bring out vibrant colors, hues and patterns and is fully customizable to match colors and display custom graphics.

Lumetta has made a significant impact on the way we do business. Their quality products, unique visions and solutions and super friendly customer centric management style have allowed us to become more competitive in the designer lighting marketplace.

Lumetta’s experts can create decorative and architectural lighting solutions for any project and they are unrivaled in the industry. Their luminaires can be custom made or modified to any shape, style or size. Everything they create is true eye candy. We have used their lighting solutions for large scale national accounts as well as casinos, parking garages, hotels and major retail and technology chain stores.

Victor Sandhage, Principal – St. Louis Lighting Group

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