ECOOS II redefines light radiating 360 degrees from a single source

Feb. 6, 2020

Zumtobel introduces ECOOS II, the lighting solution that provides unique 360 degree lighting for office spaces, healthcare and educational establishments in a minimalist, modern lightweight luminaire. It is now available in the slim version (30mm depth) or the updated original with its classic design (120x60mm).

The latest optical technology is used in ECOOS II including Zumtobel’s MPO+ (micro-pyramidal optic) that refracts the light in a very defined and specific way. The optic ensures the ideal balance between diffuse and directional light creating the perfect low glare rating (UGR<19) across the whole product portfolio (up to 6600 lumens).

Due to the reduced height in the slim version – it is far more difficult to create the homogenous light emission exemplified in the classic design. The slim version uses Zumtobel‘s Curved Waveguide technology that captures light and guides it around the luminaire providing 360 degree light.The illuminated surfaces of the light body generate high vertical or cylindrical illuminances and immerse the room in a very pleasant, soft light. The high CRI value of 90 and perfectly low glare light improve the impact of the lighting throughout the room. Thanks to tunableWhite technology, ECOOS II meets even the most specific requirements with its excellent white quality. Controlled via wireless BasicDim technology, lighting conditions can be intuitively and individually adapted to requirements.

Designer end caps in black, white, silver and bronze make an essential contribution to the 3-dimensional light body, thanks to their innovative depth effect. Translucent continuous row connectors give the impression of a completely lit linear line when installed to form a continuous row. The compatible mechanical concept and the largely identical components of the two luminaire variants in the original and slim versions make for easy luminaire installation and configuration.

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