Freedom through flexibility – Iqona – easily formable light

Jan. 10, 2020

Individuality and the experience factor are becoming increasingly important aspects of modern retail spaces and brand worlds – whether they are housed in modern stores or historical industrial buildings. Ansorg, a company famous for its brilliant, multifaceted and detailed solutions, has created a new product family offering maximum flexibility to meet those requirements. The two medium-sized Iqona models IMM and IMT will initially be available with optional new lens technology. The free-sliding lens makes infinite focus adjustment and the fast adaptation of the beam angle from narrow spotlight to wide-beam floodlight possible. Post-installation adjustments are also easy with the Iqona spot, ensuring that the store lighting concept can keep pace with even the fastest conversion cycles and merchandise changes.

Iqona surface-mounted luminaires have an infinitely adjustable 360-degree rotation radius and a 110-degree pivot radius (20° up from the horizontal position). They are therefore ideal for the effective illumination of high decorations above their own power track. The Iqona luminaires deliver equally brilliant cost and energy effectiveness. The models in the well-structured series provide different system outputs, which means there is the perfect model for every application.  

Smart clips make it possible to replace the lens system with low-glare reflectors that have optimised exit angles, providing light planning experts with a flexible tool for the implementation of bespoke concepts. Iqona – the flexible luminaire for future retail lighting is already available today.


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