Bluetooth mesh standard enters OSRAM headquarters

Dec. 13, 2019

In cooperation with Silvair as the company’s technology partner, OSRAM has recently launched a new wireless control solution for qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. Cost-effective and uncomplicated, HubSense® allows for transforming existing installations into flexible, energy-efficient systems. To demonstrate these capabilities, OSRAM revamped the lighting controls at its Munich headquarters.

The installation was carried out by livebau solutions GmbH. The retrofit covered 492 m2 of office space, including 26 workplaces, meeting rooms, think tanks, and the kitchen area. A total of 100 existing T5 luminaires were upgraded to connected LEDs with the HubSense technology. To enable advanced control strategies, luminaires with embedded occupancy/light sensors were used. Wireless energy harvesting switches were also installed across the office to provide manual control capabilities. The goal was to allow the occupants to manually override the automatic occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting scenarios whenever needed.

The commissioning process was performed by the OSRAM staff. During the remote planning stage, the entire office space was divided into 21 lighting zones. Using predefined and adjustable lighting control scenarios available in the HubSense web app, each zone was easily configured to meet the specific lighting requirements of its occupants. This was followed by the on-site implementation stage. The HubSense mobile app was used to locate specific luminaires and assign them to relevant lighting zones.

With no need for any lighting control wiring, the entire retrofit was completed in less than 2 days. This involved the installation of new luminaires and switches, as well as the commissioning of the entire system.

“From the installer’s perspective, wireless technologies make everything much easier. Installation is quicker since I don't have to cut and install any new cables. It’s also much cleaner - there is no dirt or dust at the customer's site.” livebau installer

“I could do the pre-commissioning part remotely, so the time spent on site was minimized. I only needed one tool - my mobile phone - to set everything up and launch the entire system. There is no gateway and no need for integration with other networks. All of this makes HubSense easy to use and very attractive in terms of costs.” Matthias Bolm, OSRAM manager

“You could hardly notice there was a major retrofit going on. The process was fast and smooth, not causing any serious disruption to the employees.” Felizitas Korbel, OSRAM office worker


flexible control (auto/manual) and reconfiguration

increased occupant comfort

lower installation, commissioning and energy costs

higher lighting efficiency

HubSense® is designed to enable easy and time-efficient retrofitting of existing lighting installations into flexible wireless control systems based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. With a drastically simplified commissioning process and multiple predefined lighting scenarios, it is an intuitive solution for implementing advanced control strategies without lighting control engineering expertise. HubSense® also allows quick and effortless modification of settings and lighting arrangements without bearing the costs of recommissioning.



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