Fire Farm Introduces New Dimensions in Decorative Lighting with 3DP Collection

Dec. 9, 2019

“The new 3DP collection represents over two years of refinement and mastery of this nascent three-dimensional manufacturing process. We are working at a scale previously unheard of in 3D printing. The designs in the collection and the clever engineering methods for achieving this scale were developed through a collaboration between Iowa State interns, my son and the talented staff at Fire Farm.

The lensing effect that results from this method of production is unlike anything I have seen in all the materials I have worked with over the past 30 years. The infinite design potential of this manufacturing process combined with the advancements in light generation brought by LED have opened brand new doors of expression never before possible. We can’t wait to play more!”

— Adam Jackson Pollock

(Elkader, IA, December 9, 2019--) Fire Farm, a perennial innovator in decorative lighting, introduces 3D printed lighting solutions with its newest collection. The 2019 3DP Collection builds from explorations in 3D printing technology showcased in Adam Jackson Pollock’s commissioned light-sculpture installation, Spark, for American Family Insurance. Working with a crystal-clear recyclable resin that has a higher light transmission than glass and none of the fragility, these new designs are dynamic lightweight solutions with incredible detail and texture. The material and production process imbue these shades with an emissive light quality that is unique and unachievable from any other traditional fabrication process. The shapes in this collection range from smooth and organic to faceted and crystalline demonstrating the broad range of expression now possible. The fixtures range in scale from small, single 8-inch mini pendants up to 32-inch tall pod-shaped pendants.

Fire Farm has taken this innovation to greater heights in the Expandolier family of chandelier pendants that ship collapsed in a 14-inch cube box and can extend up to an amazing 8ft height with no assembly. These ultra-tall pendant fixtures are perfect for bringing drama to a vertical space. Offering simple geometric profiles that include circular, ovoid, square and triangular shapes, they can be mixed and matched to create larger compositions. The pendants are designed as articulated and tapered segments; both upward and downward tapered pendant options are available to create even more diversity when suspended together from a central canopy. The 3D printed pendants are also ultralight — an eight-foot high pendant weighs less than 15 lbs!

Fire Farm’s 3DP collection is powered by standard E26, Edison-style base bulbs ready to accept dimmable LED Lamps, easy on energy consumption, cost and future compatibility. The 3DP Collection is a smart, beautiful, diverse, durable, easy to install and maintain, lightweight and shipping-friendly solution to your lighting needs.

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