CSL announces new Acrobat Adjustable Shallow Plus downlight and cylinder to be added to GyroShift lineup

Nov. 25, 2019

City Of Industry, NOVEMBER 2019 Hudson Valley Lighting Group’s Creative Systems Lighting (CSL®) brand has announced three new products, The GyroShift™ Downlight, The GyroShift™ Cylinder, and the Acrobat™ 3” Adjustable Shallow for use in spaces requiring precise lighting such as restaurants, commercial buildings and more.

CSL’s newly patented GyroShift™ Downlights feature a unique optical system that allows you to easily adjust a downlight with minimal clipping, even at a 45-degree tilt (csllighting.com/patents). CSL engineers designed the innovative bezel-and-ball system, rotating the spring-loaded optic system independently from the light source which allows the fixture to be compact, brighter, and more robust.  GyroShift™ Downlights excel at high brightness within a compact form factor, accommodating ceiling thickness up to 2” while still fitting in shallow plenum spaces as little as 3 ½”. Though bright, the system is designed to stay cool in the harsh environment of an insulated ceiling in all configurations. Offering a different way to downlight, GyroShift™ Downlights have been designed for easy installation, service and aiming.

The new GyroShift™ Cylinder combines impressive performance with diverse features in a compact form factor with up to 35-degree aiming, infinite rotation, media options, precision optics, and a refined aesthetic. With 650 lumens of focused light available in both 30-degree and 50-degree light distributions, this cylinder can be used in both accent and general illumination. GyroShift™ 1” cylinders are a well-placed focal point in compositions which emphasize the cleanliness of a large negative space design aesthetic.

By extending CSL’s patented GyroShift™ technology to the Acrobat™ shallow plenum fixture, CSL has created the thinnest IC/CP rated shallow plenum adjustable fixture in the industry. The new Acrobat™ 3” Adjustable Shallow is Designed to fit the shallowest of plenum spaces while maintaining a full 45 degrees of beam adjustment, creating adjustability in a thin shallow plenum fixture. The Acrobat™ 3” Adjustable Shallow works with existing Acrobat™ series 3" round and square trims, and is IC/CP rated with a 1100lm output.

About CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting)

CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting) has been designing and manufacturing performance-engineered architectural lighting fixtures since 1990. CSL continues to revolutionize the way architects and lighting designers perceive technical performance and energy efficiency with each new lighting innovation. CSL’s catalog includes the recently released Acrobat® Downlights, Eco-Downlights, Task Lighting, Steplights, Linear and Architectural Lighting. Today, CSLs diverse range of LED lighting products can be found in commercial buildings, hotels, retail establishments and homes all over the world. For more information about CSL, visit: www.csllighting.com. 


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