Connecticut Street Lighting Manufacturer Brings More Than Lighting to Communities Nationwide

Nov. 22, 2019

Penn Globe launches a new initiative, "Lighting for the Greater Good" to support local food banks across America

NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. -- Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. (Penn Globe), a women-owned Connecticut based street lighting manufacturer, is taking their philanthropic efforts to a new level with a new initiative, Lighting for the Greater Good. Penn Globe maintains an active community and workforce service driven presence in the local community and is starting this program as a way to give back to the communities of their customers all over the country. When a Penn Globe customer places an order, a monetary donation will be made to a food bank in the customer's city or town. Penn Globe estimates that at least fifty food banks annually will receive assistance through the Lighting for the Greater Good program.

"Penn Globe makes innovative products and is innovative in what we do. We all have a responsibility to be socially conscious and give back to the communities we care about, whenever possible," says Marcia LaFemina, President of Penn Globe. Marcia, who also sits on several boards and committees, and is personally involved in a wide range of community and workforce driven efforts in Connecticut, prides herself on keeping community service and giving back as part of the everyday culture and focal point for Penn Globe employees. "We work as a team and individually bring ideas to our weekly meetings about programs, projects, or events in our local community that we want to get involved in outside of the walls of our shop. It's great," shop manager, Eduardo Melendez, explains.

The decision to begin the Lighting for the Greater Good initiative was a group decision among Penn Globe employees. Collectively they recognized that the issue of food insecurity is a major problem for too many families across America. Food insecurity (defined as the state of being without reliable access to sufficient quantity of affordable nutrition food) is something that does not discriminate based on race, social status, or geographical area. It is a widely known and published fact that often times, food banks are underfunded and unable to feed the number of people in their community who need help.

"Access to food, specifically nutritious food, should not be a privilege for anyone. Rather it should be available to everyone, no matter what," states Michelle Stonier, Vice President/Project Sales at Penn Globe. "If we can find a way to double down on our sales efforts and make a real positive impact for the communities of our customers, it's a win-win for everyone."

The kick off for the Lighting for the Greater Good program will take place just in time for the season of giving in Penn Globe's own backyard with an event and check presentation at the Food Pantry of North Branford (CT) on November 22.


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