ECCO Revamps and Expands its Extensive Line of Worklights

Nov. 20, 2019

Boise, ID – ECCO® is upgrading and adding to its line of worklights and utility bars giving customers a range of white lighting options. These highly efficient products operate in any environment to provide visibility and enhance workers’ safety. Design improvements reduce installation lead time and reinforce weather resistant components. The following lighting solutions are primed to meet safety needs, whether on site or in the yard.


ECCO’s worklights are versatile, bright and efficient. Their compact design and adjustable heads allow for multiple mounting options on virtually any vehicle surface. Additional design features, such as extreme vibration protection and weather proofing, make these products some of the toughest white lighting solutions in the marketplace. 

The EW3007-F has a compact design with highly efficient LED heads. The floodlight includes a daytime running light function. Its mission is to provide safety and visibility on the road and at the job site. As an added bonus, customers can customize the color of the lens frame. Choose from interchangeable blue, red, yellow, and black color trim bezels (included in the box).

Light up the vehicle and work site with the EW2605 floodlight, which casts a wide beam that shines past 300 feet. Although it is a powerful nine-LED, 2,875 lumen worklight, the diffused lens projects a softer, more even glow. The EW2605 can be useful in illuminating an impromptu workshop or while operating equipment on a truck bed. The Deutsch connector and simple bracket design make installation a snap.

Another floodlight, the EW4020, also comes equipped with a Deutsch connector but has additional functionality. It incorporates a heated lamp that cuts through inclement and wintry conditions; not to mention it is tested to operate at -40°F. Whatever nature throws at it, the EW4020 blasts a 500-foot wall of light.

Rounding out the EW4000 series is the EW4030 diffused floodlight. Like the EW2605, the EW4030 is a powerful scene light that casts an even wider beam at 140°. This is an intense worklight that features 4,500 lumens, a 300-foot spread and an effective range of 143 feet. If that is not enough lighting for the work site, use the EZ4030 bracket to stack another EW4030 on top. Make oh-dark-thirty look like a sunny afternoon all shift long.

Utility Bars

When driving and operating off-highway, a utility light bar is an essential piece of safety equipment. Headlights show drivers what is directly in front of the vehicle but offer little visibility on the driver and passenger sides. Utility bars extend visibility laterally and increase the reach of traditional vehicle lighting. Negotiate the twists, turns, and terrain with six powerful and low-profile EW3000 series utility bars.

The single-stack EW3109, EW3120 and EW3132 utility bars are available in 9-, 20.5- and 32-inch lengths respectively. The EW3109 functions as a flood/scene light and the EW3120 and EW3132 lights project a combination spot and floodlight beam pattern. Use the EW3109 as a compartment or truck bed light. The larger utility bars make outstanding exterior lights for off-highway maneuvering. All three are easy-to-install with Deutsch connectors and bracket assemblies included. They cast a beam from 270 to an impressive 1,770 feet.

Looking for little more luminous oomph? The double-stack utility bars come in 13.5- and 21.5-in. lengths and deliver between 2,500 and 4,500 lumens. The EW3214 and EW3225 are combination spot and floodlights with a 90° spread and shine up to 1,730 feet. These utility bars are as intense and rugged as the off-road vehicles and equipment on which they are installed. Like the single-stack bars, the double-stacks include Deutsch connectors and mounting brackets.

Flashing colorful lights are spectacular and get a lot of attention but steady-burn white lights are critical for practical applications as well as worker safety and visibility. Whether finding tools in the bed, searching for downed lines, or extending the day around the work site, ECCO has a reliable lighting solution to help crews get the job done safely and effectively.

About ECCO:

ECCO develops, engineers and manufactures a complete line of commercial vehicle lighting and safety solutions designed to enhance worker and public safety. Headquartered in Boise, ID, ECCO is a brand of ECCO Safety Group (ESG). ESG is a global leader in safety solutions and emergency systems.




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