Create Infinite Architectural Lighting with the New Flos Architectural System

Nov. 20, 2019

Flexible and versatile in its design, Diversion, by Piero Lissoni for Flos Architectural, creates geometric, ribbon-like lines of light that blend with the architecture. The innovative system was designed with a special joint that allows for the creation of infinite linear, angular or geometric compositions. From a single joint piece, up to eight profiles can be connected and positioned in 360° orientations.

Diversion can be either semi-surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling with integrated uplights and downlights for both indirect and direct light. Designers also have the option to incorporate a new spotlight, Atom, which was also designed by Lissoni. With this, the system offers an endless number of combinations and can be adapted to create any imaginable structure in any architectural space.




Light Structures

Down Profile                                                                          Down Profile with Spots    

Lengths 39.4", 59", 78.7" and 98.4''                                      Lengths 39.4", 59", 78.7" and 98.4''

Wattages 13.5W, 20.5W, 27.5W and 34.5W                         Wattages 11W, 18W, 25W and 32W

Delivered Lumens From 634lm up to 1584lm                      Delivered Lumens From 301lm up to 1555lm

CCTs 2700K, 3000K                                                              CCTs 2700K, 3000K

CRI 90                                                                                    CRI 90

Up & Down Profile                                                                  Up & Down Profile with Spots          

Lengths 39.4", 59", 78.7" and 98.4''                                      Lengths 39.4", 59", 78.7" and 98.4''

Wattages 20.5W, 32W, 43W and 54.5W                               Wattages 18W, 29.5W, 40.5W and 52W

Delivered Lumens From 980lm up to 3111lm                       Delivered Lumens From 857lm up to 3073lm

CCTs 2700K, 3000K                                                              CCTs 2700K, 3000K

CRI 90                                                                                    CRI 90



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