Xicato Expands Family of Miniature Smart Drivers with Wireless Control

Nov. 19, 2019

XMD Enables 0.1% Flicker-Free Dimming of Track and Linear Fixtures

San Jose, CA – Xicato, the leading provider of smart building wireless controls and highest quality light sources, announced the general availability of XMD, a purpose-built form factor Xicato grade driver that fits into compact track adapters for elegant designs. XMD’s narrow, rectangular and low-profile footprint allows Luminaire designs with minimal visual impact with deep-dimming and smart driver control with wireless BLE option. XMD joins the widely regarded XID, which comes in disk form factor and has been used in downlight, spot, and cylindrical pendant applications. Both provide the deepest flicker-free dimming to 0.1% that Xicato drivers are renowned for, achieving a level of natural control that leading architects and designers strive for and can be optionally paired with Bluetooth wireless mesh for intelligent, individual, wireless lighting fixture control further expanding the driver options for our customers.

XMD is already entering the market alongside A.A.G. Stucchi, where its tiny printed circuit board assembly fits completely inside the Stucchi DC track adapter; “Flicker free dimming is crucial in delivering the most elegant lighting experiences. XMD does just that while fitting discretely within adapters for our low voltage MULTISYSTEM® tracks,” Aristide Stucchi, President of A.A.G Stucchi.

“With XMD, we are providing an option toward Xicato’s goal of enhancing spaces while supporting the light designer’s need for solutions that virtually disappear”, said Amir Zoufonoun, Xicato’s CEO. “Our best in class lights will be supported by an expanding portfolio of best in class drivers that meet Xicato’s standards of quality to provide complete solutions”.

Key features and benefits:

  1. XMD measures 12.5mm x 77mm x 6mm (about the size of a stick of chewing gum) while XID comes in disk form factor at ø48mm x 12mm
  2. Both drivers accept a 48V DC input and power luminaires at up to 60W while supporting deep, flicker-free dimming to 0.1%
  3. Both drivers have a programmable constant current output from 175mA to 1400mA and 2.5V to 45V
  4. XID supports 0-10V input control while XMD supports a 100k Ohm POT for trim control
  5. The Optional meshed Bluetooth control available for both drivers, can be over-the-air (OTA) updated, and is able to be migrated to standard Bluetooth mesh

Both XMD and XID are part of Xicato Onboard, a series of embeddable products by which any 3rd party device can be upgraded to be wirelessly controlled and monitored via Bluetooth mesh and operate seamlessly with Xicato’s award winning Controls Platform.



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