MeshTek Labs Helps California Lightworks Build Robust Internal Horticultural Control Network

Oct. 31, 2019

Denver, CO -- MeshTek’s robust internal Bluetooth 5 ready smart lighting and internal control network helps the horticultural industry control environments.  By offering lighting manufacturers the ability to control and create schedules, light scenes and settings, growers can impact time and light and significantly increase yields.  MeshTek Labs offers the horticultural industry a Bluetooth two-way communication and self-healing mesh stack, hardware, software solutions and secured back end and database management.

MeshTek partnered with Canoga Park, CA-based California Lightworks to create a BLE ready smart grow lighting internal control network for FLRish Farms’ 52,000 square-foot greenhouse complex in Salinas, CA.  FLRish Farms cultivates, processes, manufactures, distributes, and retails horticultural products in multiple facilities all over California. Their greenhouses rise to the highest standards for indoor cultivation, including sanitary conditions, procedures, pest management, and environmental controls.

According to George Mektarian, CEO, California Lightworks, “FLRish Farms wants to be a high yield producer but at low cost, and that can’t be accomplished with Mother Nature alone.  Even though the Salinas location is an ideal natural growing environment, FLRish needed supplemental lighting and control to deliver high yields and that’s where California Lightworks and MeshTek Labs came in.”

Yields can decrease by as much as half when the light diminishes in the winter season, and the Salinas Valley is covered by a coastal fog almost every morning. In order to achieve even light levels and consistent production throughout the year, supplemental greenhouse lighting and flexible lighting control is a must.

By choosing California LightWorks LED grow lights, FLRish Farms has achieved 500 umols and gained total control over their crop. Specific grow benefits include, 100% digital spectrum control for optimal growth and chemical profiles and heavy red lighting for fruit and flower yield.  With the addition of MeshTek Labs’ controls, California Lightworks was able to offer FLRish a complete horticultural lighting solution designed to meet the end-user’s needs and business objectives.

“Meshtek Labs’ proprietary and patented networking and management platform, proven simplicity and control are at the grower’s fingertips,” said Swapnil Bora, CEO of MeshTek Labs, “Our industrial grade BLE mesh IoT platform provided FLRish Farms the ability to control their environment by managing the light spectrum for maximum growth, by filling in light where there were shadows and by allowing the operators to easily and quickly control and change schedules as needed.”

Making your grow facility “MeshTek Smart” takes three simple steps: 

  1. Attach plug & play lighting controller to the driver in a fixture.
  2. Download an iOS, Android or Web App.
  3. Create an account to securely pair and start controlling.

MeshTek complete lighting solutions can be tailored for both small and large grow facilities and greenhouses.  The company offers both turnkey and customizable solutions including sensor integration or other automation system integration helping control environments and increase greenhouse yields.

California Lightwork’s supplemental grow lights, MeshTek Lab’s plug and play lighting controls and the companies’ joint horticultural lighting solutions for FLRish Farms can be viewed in this video:

“MeshTek Labs’ and California Lights’ recent installation of grow lights networked on the MeshTek Bluetooth mesh platform at a horticultural facility in Salinas, CA illustrates the brilliance behind the company’s patented mesh technology and the positive impact on product yield afforded by efficient communication and control among the LED lighting fixtures,” said Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, one of ABC’s “Sharks” on the hit show Shark Tank, and an investor in an ever-growing portfolio of businesses including MeshTek Labs.

About MeshTek Labs

MeshTek Labs, headquartered in Dallas TX, creates and builds smart lighting, and a variety of other systems that operate on a proprietary Bluetooth® mesh networking platform with built in Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing solutions for direct customers and OEMs.  MeshTek is a unique IoT (“Internet of Things”) platform that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to form both broadcast and connection mesh networks along with optional BLE-WiFi-Ethernet-Cellular Gateway solutions, enabling efficient communication and control among networked devices. Featuring a series of extensible firmware, hardware and software products, MeshTek can be custom-tailored to meet customer application and product requirements. Learn more at


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