Massachusetts yoga studio first to offer benefits of natural light

Oct. 23, 2019
Sunlight Inside delivers natural light with Burning Wheel Yoga in Medfield, Massachusetts

BERKELEY, CALIF. – Sunlight Inside, pioneering the world’s first lamps to deliver the cycles of natural light, announces it has recently partnered with Burning Wheel Yoga in Medfield, Mass., to be the first to deliver healthy, beautiful, natural light in a yoga studio.

With Sunlight Inside’s lighting system, Burning Wheel Yoga is now offering its clients the healing power of natural light during each class.  Sunlight Inside’s technology delivers the cycles of natural light to support health and wellness and features the ability to recreate a beautiful morning sunrise, naturally stimulating daylight, calming sunset and soothing candle light.  Burning Wheel yoga integrates these cycles of light into the rhythm of their classes to support a holistic practice. 

“Studies show that getting an extra dose of daylight during the day boosts our energy, mood and metabolism.  Conversely, soothing sunsets and warm candle light is naturally calming, offering the perfect support for restorative work and Savasana,” said Sunlight Inside Founder, and 20+ year yoga practitioner Konrad Jarausch.  “This exciting, first-of-its-kind system enables us to harness the important physiological and emotional cues provided by natural light, and we are confident that Burning Wheel practitioners will appreciate the beauty and health benefits of natural light.”

The human body depends upon exposure to natural light to distinguish night from day and regulate our daily cycles, known as circadian rhythms.  The artificial light which fills most indoor spaces does not provide the cues we need to look, feel and sleep our best.  By actively mixing together light from different colored LEDs, the new Sunlight Inside lighting system is able to recreate the daily and seasonal cycles of natural light.  

"At Burning Wheel Yoga School, we practice yoga as a modality for life.  Every class is a microcosm of a day.  Therefore, to have a lighting system that can naturally simulate natural sunlight during a class is very useful.  This allows us to develop a practice that is rooted in our humanity not just contort our bodies is fun postures,” said Angela Lashley, cofounder of Burning Wheel Yoga School.  “With winter right around the corner, the extra natural light is allowing us to host workshops designed for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder. It has been a wonderful addition to our studio, our community.”

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About Sunlight Inside:  We look, feel and sleep our best with natural light.  Unfortunately, not every space is filled with sun-drenched windows, and most of us spend the majority of our days indoors. Sunlight Inside was founded to make beautiful, healthy natural light available and easy to use, taking advantage of recent advances in technology that make it possible to bring the benefits of natural light indoors.  We design, build, and sell sustainable, long-lasting lighting products, which are handmade in northern California and built to last 20 years (without the need ever replace a bulb).  For more information, visit


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