Statement lighting connects employees at smart data company

Oct. 15, 2019

When a company's mission is to be "guardians of the connected world," you know its office environment will be something special. Netscout, a digital and smart data company, moved into new offices in Allen, Texas, with a look and feel that reflects its connected culture.

The three-story 145,000 square foot space presents Netscout’s re-energized brand and an employee-centric design. Connectivity is the watchword here, with a focus on spaces that encourage teamwork, consultation, and brainstorming to drive the company’s innovation.  Statement lighting fixtures from Eureka Lighting characterize these areas.

Eureka’s award-winning Sail luminaire was selected for the break rooms on each floor. An elegant fixture constructed of ultra-thin folded metal with a white powder-coated finish, it is suspended in groups of three over counter-style conference tables. Sail’s ultra-thin state-of the-art OLED module enables innovative design that invokes a sense of weightlessness. Its light source creates a natural and glare-free illumination for employees working or chatting at the counter top below.

“Sail is a very artistic and structural fixture,” said Jill Ibison, interior design project manager and vice president at Corgan. “It is a beautiful accent to the exposed ceilings and techy features that highlight the break rooms.”

A common area referred to as the “front porches” features several Mute fixtures, also from Eureka Lighting. Mute is a sound-absorbing pendant with a soft LED downlight surrounded by twelve felt-like acoustic panels. The charcoal panels are made from recycled PET bottles and are recyclable.

Mute features a reflector and frosted acrylic lens that offers superior light uniformity and output down to the meeting tables and casual seating below.

The front porches are adjacent to open-office employee workstations, so the acoustics were a concern.

Mute is ideal for reducing reverberated noise and controlling the echo of background sounds amplified by exposed ceilings, large windows and the sheer expanse of the space. The luminaire’s shape is carefully designed to expose as much absorption surface as possible. It also has the ability to trap sound between the reflective ceiling and the sound absorbing material of the fixture itself.  The overall effect is improved acoustics and enhanced workplace wellbeing.

“Mute is a great large-scale fixture that provides additional acoustic value to the space,” Ibison said.

Exposed ceilings make a statement in Netscout’s hallways, and 288 Voxel pendant fixtures illuminate the airy corridors on each floor. The fixture’s clean, minimalist shape incorporates design features that ensure incredible LED performance in the small high output projector.  An integrated heat sink facilitates effective thermal management, and a ventilated housing top ensures the heat sink works at full power to optimize LED lifetime.

“Voxel was a perfect pairing to the industrial space,” said Ibison. “It’s a petite fixture that does not distract from the architecture around it. And it has good lumen delivery with low wattage.”

Lighting efficiency was vital for the project. Corgan is committed to sustainable design, so using LED and OLED luminaires from Eureka Lighting enabled lighting goals to be achieved. Luminaire choices will help save energy, reduce glare, and make the office more comfortable for Netscout employees.


Location: Allen, Texas, USA

Designer/Specifier: Corgan

Eureka Agent: ALA

Completed:  2018

Photographer:  Kurt Griesbach


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