Environmental Lights Launches MicroMax VLB LED Driver

Oct. 4, 2019

New UL Listed power supply provides extra power and flexibility in a compact design

SAN DIEGO -- Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announced the launch of MicroMax VLB LED Drivers.
MicroMax VLB LED Drivers are new, UL Listed, full-capacity LED power supplies designed specifically for low-voltage lighting applications. They provide up to 260 watts of 12 or 24 VDC power and are ideal for a variety of commercial LED lighting applications.

The Micro Max VLB LED Drivers provide a full 260 watts, which enables users to run more LED lights than with standard drivers that need to be derated. They feature multiple wire outputs that can be run in parallel for single light use or split to run multiple lights. MicroMax VLB LED Drivers also stand out from other LED power supplies because they are UL Listed, very quiet and have a space-saving footprint.

"We are excited about the MicroMax VLB LED Drivers because they provide a UL Listed low-voltage power solution that is quiet, compact and powerful," stated Alicia Cheng, Director of Product Engineering. Marketing Director Michael Krupinsky noted, "They are both smaller and more efficient than many other LED power supplies in their price range."

MicroMax VLB LED Drivers are potted and fanless to ensure quiet operation. They feature a gilled design for effective heat dissipation. The MicroMaxVLB LED Driver is a full-capacity power supply, meaning that all 260 watts of lighting can be utilized. MicroMax VLB LED Drivers can accept 120 or 277 VAC, so they are also suitable for use In larger facilities with commercial voltage.

Product Features

Full capacity (260 watts)

UL Listed

IP66 rating

Small footprint

Multiple output wires

Efficient heat dissipation

Accepts 120 or 277 VAC

Five-year warranty

MicroMax VLB LED Drivers are available exclusively on EnvironmentalLights.com. Environmental Lights sales engineers are available to assist customers with project specifications, prototypes and quotes by calling (888) 880-1880 or by emailing [email protected].

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