Zumtobel helps to create a flexible and adaptable 21st century learning environment for pupils at St Paul’s Renfrewshire

Oct. 1, 2019

Working on a brief to deliver a first-class facility for the pupils, teachers and community members, Zumtobel Lighting has supplied a variety of luminaires for use throughout the new £8.5m St Paul’s Primary School in Paisley, Renfrewshire. This involved the supply of several lighting designs by Zumtobel’s design team, working closely with Castle Building Services and Renfrewshire Council, to achieve the required lighting levels in the classrooms, whilst delivering a low maintenance, energy efficient solution with the required 4000k colour temperatures throughout and providing the required flexible and adaptable 21st Century learning environment for pupils.

The campus of St Paul’s Primary School will be shared with Foxlea Pre-Five Early Learning and Childcare Centre. Staff and children had the opportunity to give their opinion on the colour scheme, choosing the red and grey school colours for the social and reception areas and pale greens and grey in the learning spaces to provide a calm environment. The playground incorporates graphics and games painted into the ground surface, as well as a gym, a centrally located studio providing space for dance and movement classes. The new school site has been built on one level and also features outdoor learning spaces including a canopied area designed for use by smaller groups of pupils to carry out a range of activities, including science experiments.

The acoustic panels in the classrooms meant that the Zumtobel SLOTLIGHT luminaires had to fit within the spaces between them whilst achieving the required lighting levels, which required several designs before achieving the perfect solution. SLOTLIGHT provides a soothingly pure, uniform illumination in an excellent, continuous flow of light with no shadows that complements the unique design of the space.  SLOTLIGHT has provided a truly integrated, low energy solution for the project with excellent colour rendering of Ra>80, lighting efficiency of up to 92 lm/W and a service life of 50,000 hours.  

The small MICROS LED downlights installed in the circulation areas have been used to highlight the seating areas. The lamps still produce 70 percent of their rated luminous flux after 50,000 hours, which means that these LED downlights last 25 times longer than QR-CBC lamps and save on lamp replacements and maintenance. SCOFINE pendants have also been used in the circulation areas to highlight the seating areas, combining functional lighting with a clear element of decorative light and unique lighting effects.

Round ONDARIA luminaires have been chosen for the reception area to perfectly complement the space without detracting from the interior styling. ONDARIA provides uniform backlighting with a low glare UGR <19 and a long service life of 50,000 hours before the luminous flux is reduced to 90 % of the initial value. Recessed IP65 rated CRAFT compact LED high bay luminaires with a wide beam optic for uniformity (UGR 80 (4000 K), Ra > 70 (6500 K), have been installed in the gym to ensure a clean ceiling line.

St Paul’s Primary School is truly one for the 21st century, with all of the classrooms designed to support modern teaching practice and provide the best learning environments possible to help pupils achieve their full potential.



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