Focal Point expands Seem® family with new direct/indirect luminaire

Sept. 13, 2019

Chicago, IL – Focal Point® has expanded its Seem® family with the addition of Seem 2 Direct/Indirect luminaires, in conjunction with enhancements to its Seem 2 Direct luminaires. The 2.5" aperture linear LED luminaires are engineered for design flexibility and ease of installation. Their sleek minimal aesthetic and high performance enhance the architecture of interior spaces.

“We continue to improve and expand the popular Seem family of luminaires to ease the specification and installation process, as well as provide end users with aesthetically pleasing luminaires that elevate the design of their interior spaces,” stated Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point, LLC.

Seem 2 Direct/Indirect imparts a glowing linear elegance to interior spaces with suspended and wall mount options – in individual units, continuous runs or patterns – in 1-foot increments. Multiple finishes: Black, Titanium Silver, and Matte White, as well as various lumen outputs (up to 1000lm/ft direct and 1250lm/ft indirect) and color temperatures, provide customization options.

The suspended option is available with a symmetric or a batwing optic to allow for increased spacing between luminaires, which helps reduce cost while achieving optimal illumination.

Beyond easing the specification process, the new luminaire also simplifies the installation process with a proprietary internal joining and alignment mechanism that ensures effortless installation and straightness, reducing labor costs.

Seem 2 Direct/Indirect suspended and wall mount luminaires are part of Focal Point’s Connected SolutionsTM program, a multi-partner program that enable luminaires to integrate with whole building lighting management systems through wired and wireless networks, allowing for individual control, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

As with all Seem family luminaires, Seem 2 Direct/Indirect is part of the Right Light program which offers delivered lumen outputs that stay consistent as technology upgrades occur. Right Light also allows for custom programming of wattages and lumen outputs within the standard range to meet lighting power density (LPD) requirements.

Seem 2 Direct/Indirect joins a host of companion Seem 2 luminaires that effectively render color for human preference using Focal Point’s Preferred LightTM color technology, resulting in more comfortable and visually appealing environments.

Enhancements to Seem 2 Direct include expanded lumen output options up to 1000 lumens per foot, and visual modifications to ensure a seamless appearance when using Seem 2 Direct and Seem 2 Direct/Indirect within the same application. With a narrow 2.5" aperture, these linear luminaires balance clean design with visual comfort to deliver the ideal illumination for several commercial applications.

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The new Seem 2 Direct/Indirect luminaire from Focal Point.


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