48DC / 125DC LED JLED “Jelly” Light Fixture

Sept. 13, 2019

Off-grid / DC to DC / Load Sharing

[PHOENIX, AZ] — With the advancement of alternative energy technologies (solar, battery, fuel cell, wind generation), Marshall DC Lighting, Inc. provides a wide assortment of 24DC, 48DC, 60DC, and 125DC lighting products to address a variety of DC-to-DC applications.

The 48DC / 125DC LED JLED “Jelly” Light Fixture provides flexibility in application and power control, offering the following benefits & value:

  • JLED Ceiling (C) or Wall (W) mounted
  • Solidly sealed for dry or wet locations
  • Aluminum gray housing & heat resistant tempered glass
  • 5 Watt or 12Watt LED bulb included (20,000 hour life)
  • UL and CSA Listed
  • Directly connect to DC power sources (solar, battery storage)
  • Optimize cost and power control (enables load shedding/sharing options)
  • Increase energy savings / decrease energy costs
  • Decrease carbon footprint

Marshall DC Lighting, Inc. is at the forefront of the DC lighting evolution, bringing reliable DC LED lamps, bulbs, and light fixtures to meet the inevitably growing need for DC-powered lighting for DC-to-DC, remote-site, and off-grid lighting solutions.  Progressive engineering, quality components, and solution-centric service are the hallmarks of Marshall’s sustainable value, producing state-of-the-art, quality solutions for the world’s leading-edge applications.  DC LED lamps are included with all of our fixtures.  We believe you should never be left in the dark.


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