Introducing the Avici 1150w Programmable Spectrum LED

Sept. 12, 2019

Over priced, underpowered LED’s are a thing of the past now crushed by the raw performance and power of Revolution Micro’s 1150 actual watts LED. Avici has a programmable spectrum with efficacy ranging from 2.05 uMole/J to 2.85 uMole/J. With CSA-certified PPF of over 2300 uMole/s there’s  just no comparison or need for the use of the term “equivalent to”. The Avici LED is the first in the world to ever be measurably brighter than a DE 1000w HPS.

Designed and built to aerospace standards using 32 year part life components, this LED is built to outlast any other light on the market. We used only top shelf Osram LED chips and have created a beautifully even light distribution for a perfect 5x5 to 6x6 footprint ideal for indoor or greenhouse supplemental lighting.

The Avici is controlled by our RLC1 lighting controller which comes with presets for Clone, Veg, Flower and Finish defined and tested by top growers and Universities. The most advanced feature of the Avici is it’s Prgrammable Spectrum. Never before could the grower control the spectrum, using as much or as little of any color as required to achieve tailored results. This takes breeding, phenotype specific spectra and plant science research to a whole new level.

Run our recommended Enhanced Solar Spectrum at full power to achieve a nearly perfect growing spectrum, or dial in your own. A world's first.

The Avici LED can be controlled through our Revolution Micro all digital lighting controller using our easy to operate software interface. With our all new digital design you can now control up to 512 lights in two separate zones, with cable lengths of five (5) miles!

The best designed, best performing and top-rated horticultural LED light in the world also just so happens to be the most competitively priced. This is possible because we design and build all of our technologies in house. We’re a small family business and we’re able to pass those non-corporate savings on to you.

Save energy, support small business and get amazing results with the Avici 1150w Programmable Spectrum LED.


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