PixelFLEX™ showcases a luxurious lifestyle with Toll Brothers City Living

Sept. 9, 2019

Award-winning LED video manufacturer helps create a dynamic and memorable client experience using FLEXThin LED for new residential development in New York City

Nashville, TN – With a reputation as a premier luxury home builder, Toll Bothers City Living brings the same level of quality and amenities to the most dynamic urban markets nationwide. Offering contemporary architecture and elegant finishes that accentuate the lifestyle of luxury, the sales professionals behind the scenes often operate in the most competitive residential markets. Needing a client experience that truly separates them from the competition, the team at Toll Brothers City Living recently created an innovative VR experience with the assistance of a FLEXThin 2.6mm LED video solution from PixelFLEX™. 

“There is a lot of competition in the urban, residential real estate market, so whenever we design a sales gallery for a new condominium, we strive to implement an ‘X-factor’. Something which makes our presentation a little different, memorable and unique,” said Michael Duff, Marketing Director, Toll Brothers City Living. “At most sales offices in New York City, developers are using iPad technology and large screen LCD TV’s to showcase their renderings and floor plans, so we decided to take this one step further and provide an immersive VR and PixelFLEX LED video experience for our perspective clients.”

FLEXThin is an ultra-thin, lightweight and high-resolution LED video display designed specifically for the installation market. With a 160-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle which provides increased display coverage, each panel is front-serviceable and comes in two sizes to give your design the desired dimensions. Now available in 1.9mm, 2.6mm, 3.1mm and 3.9mm pixel pitch options, FLEXThin is the ideal solution for an impressive, interior LED video installation.

“At 77 Charlton Street in West Soho, we wanted to create a large viewing area so that everyone in the room could see what the person wearing the VR headset is looking at, and still feel as if they are a taking part in the virtual tour,” continued Duff. “To do this, we decided to implement a high-resolution LED video wall as part of the sales experience to showcase our product offerings. Once we reached out to our integration partners to see who might be available to do this on a larger scale, they got us in touch with the design team at PixelFLEX.”

Ready to begin the creation of their unconventional client experience, the space considerations that come with a Manhattan sales office was a bit of a challenge. Having a specific concept as to how the LED video should fit into the design, it was the performance capabilities of the FLEXThin that gave the custom touch needed.

“In the sales gallery, clients are first greeted by an associate and discuss their residential living needs as they tour the kitchen and bathroom vignettes and view miniature scale models, concluding with the VR and LED video wall,” explained Duff.  “The video panels are wall-mounted in a gallery setting, and the full screen measures approximately 10-feet square. One of the great things about working with PixelFLEX is that we weren’t stuck in a 16:9 world. We had a lot of flexibility to implement a custom configuration in order to maximize our viewing area and allow all our clients to have the same experience.”

With the installation complete, the design team turned their attention to the control systems and content management of the innovative sales office. Knowing that simplicity would be key, the entire system is able to be controlled by each sales agent to launch the high-resolution and dynamic property tour.

“The video wall is controlled via the sales agents iPad and the content showcases all of our digital assets – renderings, photos, floor plans and area maps,” added Duff. “We are able to virtually walk clients through the front door, into the lobby, courtyard, lounge area, fitness room, and then also out to the pool with steam and sauna rooms. We also take them up to the rooftop sky lounge, so they can see the New York City view. Inside the residences, we then modeled out six typical floorplans found in the building, giving them a truly memorable tour of the property.”

In many competitive urban markets nationwide, digital signage is being relied upon every day to create a more connected consumer experience. Understanding the value that comes with creating those connections, the sales team at Toll Brothers City Living is excited to now be showcasing their luxury properties with the assistance of a FLEXThin LED video wall.

“In the New York market, there are a lot of opportunities for digital signage such as high-end retail, so we thought it would be a great fit for this application as well,” concluded Duff. “One of the best things about using LED video in this manner is that you have a lot of flexibility in terms of making your screen the right size and scale to fit your needs. With anything VR, people either love it or they’re not into it, but with the high-resolution LED video wall, all of our clients can be guided by the sales agent through an uninterrupted image that creates a unique and dynamic sales experience.”

An American-based LED manufacturer, PixelFLEX™ offers creative solutions, reliable products, and dependable service for our industry-leading LED display technologies and solutions. Driven towards excellence to meet your standards, PixelFLEX offers a one-of-a-kind design for your tour, event or installation through our award-winning line of LED video walls and video screens. Working with architects, designers, engineers and consultants, PixelFLEX is proud to develop custom LED solutions for each and every customer while also providing top-tier customer support throughout the entire experience. For more information on the complete line of PixelFLEX LED video walls and video screens, visit PixelFLEX at pixelflexled.com, follow us on Twitter at @pixelflexled or find us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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