eLumigen LED Rough Service Lamps Are Now Tougher & Brighter

Sept. 9, 2019

Troy, MI  |  eLumigen announced the release of its new and expanded line of LED Rough Service lamps.  The company has already been known for the only line of LED rough service lamps designed for harsh commercial and industrial environments. 
Major improvements to the LED Rough Service lamp line include:
Addition of 75W and 100W equivalent lamps that increase the light output over the previous 40W and 60W equivalent models.

  • A-lamp portfolio is A19 size to allow for placement within most fixtures.
  • Enclosed fixture rating for the 40W, 60W, 75W, and 100W equivalent models.
  • Wet listed.  The previous generation of lamps were damp listed.
  • Addition of new Poultry Rough Service Lamp models for chickens and turkeys, for both broiler and layer production facilities.

In addition to these new features and benefits, the newly expanded lamp line maintains the features that have made the products a staple for facility managers who need LED lamps to survive in their most challenging applications.  The lamps are shatter proof, vibration proof, high heat tolerant, offer a high dimming ratio, and low electromagnetic interference (low-EMI).
Harsh environments usually involve high operating temperatures, rough handling, impacts, and high levels of vibration. Typical applications are in jelly jars, IC-rated downlights, steam tunnels, enclosed fixtures for wet locations, livestock facilities, laboratories, construction light strings, industrial sites, work shops, and food service areas.
According to Alfred LaSpina, VP of Sales & Marketing at eLumigen, “These Rough Service lamps are torture tested to provide unrivaled durability in harsh environments.”  LaSpina added, “Our customers have been asking for the higher output 75W and 100W equivalent lamps, as well as wet listing and enclosed fixture rating.  The market response has been very strong to our new, expanded rough service lamp line.”
Other popular features of the eLumigen LED rough service lamps are that they are:

  • Glare-free
  • No visual flicker
  • High efficiency, up to 120  lumens per watt
  • Very high power factor of 0.98, and
  • Low inrush current

"The eLumigen rough service lamps are warrantied for 30,000 hours of 24/7 rough service use. There is no other lamp on the market with this warranty,” LaSpina shared.
The rough service line includes 40W, 60W, 75W, and 100W equivalent A lamps, PAR30s, and PAR38s. Additional options include CCTs of 2000K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, as well as 20 degree and 40 degree beam angle options for the PAR lamps. The company also manufacturers LED flat panels, troffers, and vapor tight linear low bay fixtures.  To learn more, visit www.eLumigen.com or email [email protected].
About eLumigen
eLumigen is a manufacturer of premium performance LED lamps and fixtures, including an industry-leading line of rough service LED lamps. The company applies the most advanced technology to solve the growing need for LED lighting that has both durability and exceptional light quality.  eLumigen products are proudly designed and engineered in Detroit, MI.


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