Gen3 Emergency LED T8 Tube from Aleddra

July 23, 2019

RENTON, Wash. -- Aleddra, a Seattle-based high-tech company, announces its THIRDgeneration (Gen3) emergency LED T8 tube. The company takes great pride in pushing the technology envelope on the emergency LED T8 tubes market because of the benefits and savings that this product and other Aleddra LED lighting products brings to our distributors and customers. Once again Aleddra delivers on its promise of Better Light for Better Life.

This NEW and IMPROVED (Gen3) EM LED T8 tube is designed to replace our very popular (Gen1) Battery Backup T8. (Gen3) improvements:

  • Better energy efficiency - 15W (Gen3) vs. 18W (Gen1)
  • Patented anti-electric shock protection, safety switch on both endcaps. This is the same patented design can be found all the standard Aleddra LED T8 retrofit tubes.
  • Battery shutoff switch – allows distributors and customer to store a "charged tube".
  • Improved Lithium battery.

Demonstration video link:

Please Note - If the emergency LED T8 tube is being installed with an on/off wall switch, the Aleddra (Gen2) emergency LED T8 tube should be your choice. For installations without a wall switch (examples: hallways, night lights or stairwells), the NEW Gen3 Emergency LED T8 tube should be your choice. Both the (Gen2) and (Gen3) REQUIRE the ballast to be bypassed or removed). Below is a technical comparison between (Gen2) and (Gen3) EM LED T8 tubes:

Gen 3: Emergency T8 Gen 2: Emergency T8
90+ Minutes run time in a power outage        90+ Minutes run time in a power outage        
ETL certified Type B T8 (double-end wired with ballast bypass)        

ETL certified as regular T8 (Type B single-end wired on both endcaps)

Always on (needs a continuous power source)        Both ends need a power source (additional wiring required)        
Ease of installation (bypassing ballast)        Battery shutoff switch for long stocking time        
Battery shutoff switch for long stocking time        

Turns on/off with a wall switch and functions as a regular T8

Doesn't operate with a wall switch        
Applications: hallway, stairway, elevator, egress lights        

Applications: classroom, office, factory

Download G3 EM T8 cutsheet:

Download G2 EM T8 cutsheet:

Gen2 and Gen3 Emergency T8's continue Aleddra's promise on Better Light for Better Life. Both are available for sales for US customers.





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