Juganu raises $23 million led by Viola Growth

July 18, 2019

Juganu's innovative "Digital World" solution provides key infrastructures for smart and safe cities as well as solutions for advanced commercial spaces & public institutions.

Live brighter: Breakthrough technology in LED lighting for better vision, smarter wireless communications and infrastructure for AI.

As an industry first, solution is enabling full broadband communications networking on a wireless grid.

Rosh Ha'Ayin, Israel – Juganu, an Israeli company developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions such as innovative LED lighting systems, announced the completion of a financing round, led by Viola Growth, totaling about $23 million. Additional investors participating in this financing round include OurCrowd and a Mexican investment fund.

Based on an innovative LED lighting technology capable of changing light composition and featuring an advanced infrastructure for AI technology, Juganu has developed its patented, proprietary "Digital World" technology in cooperation with software and hardware technology market leaders. Going beyond current technological solutions, Juganu provides a breakthrough response to communications and services challenges in public and commercial spaces.

"Juganu is a combination of brilliant entrepreneurs, breakthrough technology and vision, reinventing lighting and communications infrastructures and those for applications, affecting any organization, from tech corporations and retail chains to local authorities”, said Viola Growth General Partner Ayal Shiran. “The company has a unique technology with the potential to expand into other industries. The latest financing round will allow it to speed up its R&D while also expanding marketing and sales operations in Israel and overseas."

Juganu co-founder and CEO Eran Ben-Shmuel commented: "The funds will allow us to move forward more quickly towards realizing the company's vision, and is a major vote of confidence by leading agents in the high-tech market. We will bring our technologies to some of the world's major cities, international retail chains, public institutions and more, providing quality, healthy lighting as well as broadband wireless communications.”

One of Juganu's closest strategic collaborations over the past five years has been with Qualcomm. This cooperation, using unique hardware which was developed, allows Juganu to embed its "Digital World" solution in cities and public spaces and in effect to transform every space in which Juganu's technology is embedded into an IT enterprise infrastructure, serving numerous apps and applications.

Through simple and swift implementation, the technology developed by Juganu allows for every public network becoming accessible and launching applications and apps such as AI, urban support for smart cars and traffic control, advanced security and rescue applications, modern municipal services, full real-time monitoring of infrastructures, and full IoT connectivity required by public administrations today.

Juganu is introducing a revolution, not only in terms of technology but in everything regarding rapid access and installation of technology in the public and commercial space, and at significantly lower cost than all other solutions available on the market.

The "Digital World" already today connects lighting fixtures in public spaces in order to create broadband communications networking of wireless grids, as a communications infrastructure for smart cities on the back of street lights without needing fiber optic communication cables, which require the physical and expensive construction undertaken today. The cost of building Juganu's communications and lighting based infrastructure for municipal authorities saves about 90% of the cost of solutions that are applied today, and in addition, Juganu's lighting reduces the consumption of public electricity by about 80%, while composed of quality lighting, comfortable on the eye, and which resembles almost the full spectrum of sunlight.

About Juganu

Juganu is providing a lighting and communications platform connecting our world more easily and smarter. The company systems combine advanced lighting technology, sensitive and precise sensors, with AI based learning its environment. This unique combination provides computerized adaptive lighting, featuring a network of wireless communications thereby allowing the application to host the most innovative smart city technologies, including 5G and the operation of driverless cars.

Using Juganu’s communication and lighting technologies can reduce current costs for creating a smart city infrastructure by 90 % while Juganu’s lighting solutions can reduce public electricity consumption by 80 %, while creating quality lighting composition, comfortable on the eye, which simulates natural sunlight.

Juganu was founded by Eran Ben-Shmuel and Alex Bilchinsky in 2011 and has registered 40 patents, At its offices in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel, and around the world, the company currently has 70 employees.




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