FoxFury Lighting Solutions Releases New and Improved Forensic Lighting Sources

July 18, 2019

OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces new updates to its forensic light sources (alternate light sources) and forensic kits. These wavelength-specific LED lighting tools come with new features and rechargeable options to improve search efficiency and success at forensic labs, crime scenes, medical clinics, and accident sites.

FoxFury has pioneered a diverse line of tools to cover all crime scene lighting needs from scene protection to inspection and photography. These lights are used in field crime scene searches and forensic labs around the globe. All FoxFury lights are waterproof, allowing them to be decontaminated, which is critical for protecting against the transmission of bacteria and disease. They are also cordless to increase portability and reduce contamination in the field and lab.

MF Forensic Light Systems 

MF Forensic Light Systems are powerful, handheld forensic LED light sources for use in the field and lab. These rechargeable forensic lights are FoxFury's most powerful LED light sources and are ideal for larger scenes. Wavelengths include 365nm (UV), 470nm (Blue), 495nm (Cyan), 525nm (Green), and 850nm (IR). The All-in-One model features 470nm, 495nm, 525nm and 850nm along with white light. All MFs come with forensic goggles, a charger, and a protective case.

HammerHead Forensic Light Systems 

HammerHead Forensic Light Systems are lightweight, portable, and highly durable flashlights for both field and lab use. HammerHeads are now powered by a single rechargeable 18650 battery, which makes them easier and safer to store and power. Individual HammerHead lights are available in the following wavelengths: 365nm (UV), 395nm (UV), 450nm (blue), 470nm (blue), 495nm (cyan), 525nm (green), 850nm (IR) and white. All HammerHead lights come with forensic goggles.

HammerHead Kits are also available. These include multiple HammerHead lights, forensic goggles, a protective case, 18650 batteries, and a charger. The HammerHead H4A CSS Kit is designed for general crime scene search and is ideal for searching for body fluids. It consists of 4 HammerHead flashlights: 365nm (UV), 395nm (UV), 450nm (blue), and 470nm (blue). The newly released HammerHead H7A FS Kit is designed for general crime scene search, fingerprints, and bruising. It consists of 7 HammerHead flashlights ranging from UV to IR.

Rook Forensic Light Systems

Rook Forensic Light Systems are used by field crime investigators and lab personnel to inspect and visualize evidence up to 6 ft (1.8 m) away. These lightweight and portable lights are waterproof, impact resistant, and powered by either one rechargeable 18650 battery or two CR123 batteries. Rook lights are available in the following wavelengths: 365nm (UV), 380 and 395nm (Dual UV), 450 and 470nm (Dual Blue), 470nm (Blue), and white. Each light comes with forensic goggles.

Rook Kits are also available. These include multiple Rook lights, forensic goggles, 18650 rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, and a carrying case. Like the HammerHead kits, these kits are designed for general crime scene search and searching for body fluids, trace evidence, and more. The Rook R3D CSS Forensic Light Kit includes the 380 and 395nm (Dual UV), 450 and 470nm (Dual Blue), and white Rook lights. The Rook R3S CSS Forensic Light Kit includes the 365nm (UV), 470nm (Blue), and white Rook lights.

Scout Forensic Light Systems

The Scout is a versatile clip light for handheld on-the-go use. Scout forensic light sources now come with a new J-clip that better fits on to a pocket, belt, MOLLE, or crime scene vest. These compact forensic light sources run on AA batteries and are ideal for educational use and up-close inspections. Scouts are available in 470nm (blue), 495nm (cyan), and 525nm (green) wavelengths.

"FoxFury is proud to be the only lighting manufacturer that has lighting tools to protect, inspect, and photograph arson and crime scenes. Now that these upgraded LED kits offer lights, goggles, a case, and rechargeable batteries, they are complete solutions that help forensic professionals get the job done faster and safer," said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing for FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

At FoxFury Lighting Solutions, we create premium lighting tools that shine brightly in the most extreme environments to keep people safe. Our Xtremium™ products focus on durability and speed, providing unique solutions and possibilities for first responders, enterprise professionals, and videographers in over 65 countries.


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