GVA Lighting, leader in the architectural lighting industry, launches horticultural lighting division called Linnaeus Lighting

July 10, 2019

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO - GVA Lighting, Inc., a Canadian manufacturer specializing in high- tech, reliable, outdoor, color-changing LED fixtures has officially launched a new, horticultural lighting division called “Linnaeus Lighting”.

Dmitry Bernadiner, the CEO & President of GVA Lighting said: “We are thrilled to officially enter this new, exciting market and I believe that we have a lot to offer growers. GVA has been designing and manufacturing LED lighting products in Canada for almost 20 years and we have a unique experience in making the most durable, highly advanced, color-changing luminaires and lighting up various architectural landmarks around the world. It seemed like a natural step to take what we know about designing and building high quality fixtures for the architectural world and apply the know-how to the horticultural industry.”

“The horticultural lighting product design started about two years ago and we have put a lot of time and effort into researching how lighting works in the horticultural world. I think we now have a compelling lineup suitable for large-scale growers and home growers alike” Vladimir Grigorik, the company Chairman & CTO added.

Linnaeus Lighting soft-launched its Hedera family of fixtures at the Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas in April 2019 and later promoted them at O’Cannabiz in Toronto, Canada and GreenTech in Amsterdam.

The Hedera family of slim, linear LED fixtures consists of three models: Helix, Vertex, and Apex, each suitable for different applications. Hedera Helix is a high-efficacy, cost-effective solution meant to be used by commercial indoor facilities as well as home growers. Hedera Vertex, with its 60° optic, was designed with greenhouses and green “living” walls in mind. Hedera Apex is a state-of-the-art smart fixture with digital controls and six adjustable color channels, intended for academic or private research, giving its user complete control over the light spectrum.

All three fixtures are highly customizable in terms of light recipes and are available in different sizes ranging from 600mm (2ft) to 1,500mm (5ft), with a robust tempered glass lens, built to meet the IP66 and IP67 standards for easier cleaning and maintenance along with a 5-year limited warranty.

Linnaeus Lighting offers the highest quality horticultural lighting on the market using the proprietary technologies its parent company GVA Lighting has developed over the last two decades.

GVA’s UNIBODY technology brings a high degree of reliability to the fixture construction with no seams, endcaps or gaskets. INFINITY® technology gives customers the ability to power

fixtures in the entire facility from remote, rack mounted power supplies bringing peace of mind and easy serviceability. Combined with the revolutionary Hornet (Horticultural Networking) protocol which can control over 65,000 Hedera Apex fixtures on a single low-cost network, Linnaeus Lighting is heading to forefront of the horticultural lighting revolution.


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