Kettering Health Network Brings the Waiting Room to Life With 4’x18’ NanoLumens Ultrawide Curved LED Display

June 25, 2019

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, June 25, 2019 — Kettering Brain and Spine, a part of Kettering Health Network, recently equipped it’s new Dayton, Ohio location with visual technologies meant to relax, inform, and make a statement to patients and visitors. 

The architect responsible for the new space designed a two-piece ‘spine wall’ in the waiting area, with one convex wall and one concave, to loosely represent the curvature of the spine. Wanting to present messaging and comforting digital visuals on the curved walls, they contacted Sean Merkle at Ohio Valley AV, who looked at the curved wall and said, “This has NanoLumens written all over it.”

“The first thing they told me is they want curb appeal, to make a statement, so they wanted a digital solution that they could update regularly to display a variety of content,” Merkle said. “Even though we hadn’t installed NanoLumens solutions before, I was very familiar with their LED displays and recognized it as the best true-curved LED technology with excellent brightness, no seams, and simplified maintenance relative to other brands or display types.”

The new NanoLumens display gives the medical center a 4-foot-tall by 18-foot-wide digital canvas that’s curved to perfectly match the convex wall. Using a 2.5mm pixel pitch design that is ideal for close viewing, the ultrawide LED display looks excellent even when standing right next to it.

“Now, when patients are waiting, they will see bios of the neurosurgeons, positive life messaging, video of soothing scenery, and any other messaging the office wishes to convey,” Merkle added. “We suggested starting with the larger of the two walls, because we knew NanoLumens could build a custom display to fit the space and adding a bit of ‘wow’ factor to the room was part of the project brief. Once the client learned that NanoLumens not only builds panels that actually curve rather than simulating a curve, but also offers a 6-year ironclad warranty that far exceeds any other manufacturer or display solution, they were sold."

Reliability and longevity were chief concerns since the display is on 24 hours a day, so both the warranty and the simplified maintenance procedures provided the client ample peace of mind for their investment.

The shorter wall, which is concave, received three side-by-side LCD TVs, which may turn out to be a temporary technology solution, as the office’s Medical Director immediately decided he wants another NanoLumens LED display after seeing the finished product on the convex wall. If and when a second NanoLumens display is installed, Ohio Valley AV will enable the office to share content between both displays, so visuals can flow across the room from one wall to another.

“This one-of-a-kind display really does stand out to every person that visits Kettering Brain and Spine,” Merkle said. “It was different for the content developer, too, requiring pixel mapping to produce and fit content to the ultrawide aspect ratio. The unique appearance enables the organization to produce and display a variety of creative content, especially once they add a second screen and have both a convex and concave curved display that can work together to envelop visitors with multi-screen presentations.”

The current content is being created by Kettering Health Network’s marketing department in conjunction with a third party content developer and is distributed through an Asus Chromebox computer.

“Through their creativity and willingness to invest in the patient and visitor experience, Kettering Brain and Spine have designed an informative, relaxing space that can evolve over time,” said Geoff Berkeley, NanoLumens Regional Sales Manager. “With this first NanoLumens project under their belt, Ohio Valley AV has gained a powerful new option for clients looking to develop engaging audiovisual spaces.”

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