Great Lakes Cheese Receives Sustainability Award for Solar LED Lighting Project

June 20, 2019

Plymouth, Wisc. - Great Lakes Cheese located in Plymouth, Wisconsin was presented the energybank Sustainability Award for demonstrating continued leadership in sustainable business practices. While evaluating the savings opportunity for conversion of fluorescent lighting to LED in their administrative offices, Great Lakes Cheese selected the energybank FUSION™ system which combines LED with photovoltaic solar allowing Great Lakes Cheese to power the new LED fixtures with renewable energy generated at their facility. The successful initiative was undertaken to significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing efficiency and sustainability. 

FUSION™ Solar-Powered LED is a ground-breaking system that combines solar power and traditional grid power to directly energize LED light fixtures in commercial/industrial applications. The solar power harvested by FUSION directly energizes the integrated LED fixtures within a facility, dramatically reducing daytime lighting costs. 

Mark Majerus, Great Lakes Cheese Maintenance Manager at the Plymouth facility, took the lead on the solar-powered lighting initiative. The plant has implemented different technologies to decrease their lighting needs and water usage, and has an impressive recycling program that has decreased their total tons to landfill by 70% over the past five years. 

Majerus accepted the energybank Sustainability Award presented by energybank Vice President John McHugh, commenting, “Always doing the right thing is a part of the culture here at Great Lakes Cheese. We are very satisfied with the results of the FUSION solar-powered LED project.”

“The FUSION system effectively reduces demand on the grid during peak times (when electricity is most expensive) by displacing demand for utility generated energy with energy harvested directly from the sun,”commented McHugh. “FUSION helps customers improve their operations by delivering high-performance light output for the least amount of energy input. Congratulations to Great Lakes Cheese for demonstrating leadership in sustainability.”          

Made in the USA, patent-pending FUSION direct solar-powered LED lighting is a distributed renewable located at an end-user’s facility. FUSION offers end-users a ground-breaking, innovative new clean energy technology that is both economically and environmentally sustainable, making environmental stewardship good for business. 


energybank, a Wisconsin-based Distributed Energy Resource company, is a leader in American innovation specializing in pragmatic solutions that deliver economic and environmental sustainabilitythrough the advancement of solid state lighting, controls, IoT and solar renewables.

Through its proprietary thermal management, optical optimization and application engineering capabilities, energybank maximizes the performance and longevity of LED to achieve LED Done Right®.


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