LED and Beyond Announces 5th LED Driver System Patent

May 24, 2019

Latest Patent Covers Wireless, Configurable, Universal, Multifunctional, Programmable LED Driver and Controller that Replaces Conventional Wall Switches and Dimmers, and Offers IoT Connectivity

LED and Beyond LLC. announced today the issuance of Patent No. 10,278,244 relating to an integrated wireless LED driver and control system, which can adapt to the voltage and current requirements of the LED. The integrated LED driver system installs inside a standard AC outlet and can replace conventional wall switches, dimmers, and lighting fixture drivers.

In addition to being configurable, programmable, and multifunctional, this latest patent offers wireless, Wi-Fi and Internet-of-Things connectivity and enables the end user to control the functions of the LED driver and query its status and power consumption from anywhere in the world. These features enable the LED driver to be easily incorporated into smart homes and home automation systems and networks.

"This new invention provides great flexibility in wireless configuration and control of the LED driver system. For instance, the LED driver can be wirelessly configured to match the requirements of a LED lighting fixture, even without opening the LED driver enclosure or removing it from the outlet," said Fred Bahr, CTO of LED and Beyond. "The user can also wirelessly query the LED driver to pull useful information such as nameplate data, serial number, version, configuration, country of origin, and others. The wireless and programmability features allow the invention to be incorporated into smart homes and to be controlled by voice-activated personal assistants, in addition to the novel features available to end users. With the end user’s approval, the power company can transparently monitor the power consumption when they need to in order to gather valuable statistical usage information." Like the previously issued patents earned by LED and Beyond LLC, the new patent can be used with low-voltage LED lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall sconces, strip lighting, tape lighting, undercabinet lighting, etc.

The invention is available for licensing or sale.

About Inventor

LED and Beyond LLC CTO, Fred Bahr, is the sole inventor of five patents centered around LED technology, including the first integrated LED drivers to replace conventional wall switches and dimmers. Mr. Bahr is also responsible for numerous research projects and technological developments centered around medical devices and space medicine projects. Other varied devices and applications are under development.


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