Permlight announces Enbryten Retrofit LED systems for replacing legacy incandescent systems

Sept. 29, 2004
Permlight has expanded its Enbryten line of products with its ENBR Series Enbryten Retrofit system. This new low cost LED luminaire is designed to replace existing junction box mounted incandescent lighting systems commonly found in theaters and auditoriums, landscape applications, and step lighting systems.

The ENBR series is designed for low voltage (12-24V input) or line voltage (90-240VAC input) installations and can retrofit existing systems in under 5 minutes. The ENBR series is designed to work with existing cover plates or a new plate can be substituted with standard junction box mounting holes.

The ENBR Series consumes up to 5 Watts and replaces systems that are from 7-25 Watts with the same or greater light output. The Enbryten retrofit is designed also to fit shallow or deep junction boxes and can be configured via dip switches to set the desired brightness level.

Each Enbryten uses a long lifetime, high brightness LED board that is replaceable via mechanical screws. Standard LED color offering is white (5600K), warm white (2600K), red, blue, green, or amber. Online pricing for the Enbryten Retrofit system starts at $36.00 in low volume.

Permlight introduces Enbryten spot for billboard, parking lot, and wall wash applications

Permlight Products has also introduced its Enbryten Spot line of LED luminaries for lighting billboards, parking lots and garages, and for general wall washing applications.

The ENBS Series is housed in a standard single gang die cast weather tight Bell Box for ease in connecting to ½-inch or ¾-inch standard conduit couplings. The ENBS Spot uses nine (9) high brightness LEDs using Permlight?s mechanically connectable boards that can be replaced or changed for extended lifetime of the luminaire.

The Spot series is available in LV (12Vdc input) and HV (line voltage 115VAC input - available in October) versions. The HV version incorporates power conversion in the supplied Bell Box allowing for line voltage to be delivered via conduit directly to the luminaire. The ENBS series consumes a maximum of 30 watts and produces 10 fc of light on a wall when mounted 5 feet away.

Enbryten Spot was designed for use in lighting billboards and monument signs, as well as applications ranging from lighting parking garages, wall washing, and general pathway lighting on college and university campuses.

Enbryten Spot is available for purchase on Permlight?s Webstore for $110 each and is available in White (5600K), Warm White (2600K), Blue, Green, Red, and Amber LEDs with standard fixture colors of white and grey.