Agilent introduces high-brightness, surface-mount LEDs for automotive lighting

Sept. 8, 2004
Agilent Technologies has introduced a series of surface-mount LEDs designed and qualified specifically for automobile interior and exterior lighting applications. These Power PLCC-4-packaged LEDs come in a four-pin, leaded-chip carrier and measure 3.2 mm (H) x 2.8 mm (W) x 1.9 mm (D).
Agilent's Power PLCC-4 package is a form and fit replacement for the popular Osram Power TopLED products and similar automotive PLCC-4 devices from other manufacturers. Typical interior applications for these new LEDs include instrument cluster, central console and switch backlighting. Typical exterior applications include high-mount stop lamps, rear combination lamps, side marker lamps and turn signals.

Agilent's Power PLCC-4 LEDs offer high brightness, a wide selection of colors and a super-wide, 120-degree viewing angle. Agilent's package design, coupled with careful selection of component materials, allows the LEDs to perform with high reliability over the -40 deg.C to +100 deg.C temperature range.

Agilent's package also features an extra-thick (0.21 mm vs. 0.15 mm for the Power TopLED package) lead frame for lower thermal resistance. This feature can reduce the junction temperature of the LED die by 5-7 deg.C for longer life and higher reliability. These LEDs are compatible with IR solder reflow and through-the-wave soldering processes.

US pricing of the Agilent HSMx-A4xx-xxxxx Power PLCC-4 LEDs begins at $0.05 each in 5 million-piece quantities.