NuaLight and Astron install LED lighting in retail display cases

Feb. 8, 2007
Astron Engineering now uses LED technology supplied by NuaLight to illuminate its salad bars for displaying fresh produce.
NuaLight, an Irish LED lighting supplier to the retail display case industry, has partnered with Irish display case manufacturer Astron Engineering to develop illumination for their latest range of fresh produce and salad bars. These retail cases are currently being installed at the leading Irish food retailers Supervalu, Centra, Spar, Fresh and others.

Using the latest in warm white LED technology, the NuaLight CryoLED solution has been designed to minimize electrical energy consumption and maximize the shelf life of fresh salad produce, through the elimination of ultra violet light and radiated heat.

Astron managing director Tommy O’Dowd says that the new LED technology is now standard in Astron's salad bar cases, and the company has discontinued the use of traditional incandescent light sources such as halogen spotlights.

"This is a significant move for our company as it makes the Astron Engineering salad bar range one of the most energy efficient on the market," says O'Dowd.

"Combining this with the extended shelf life that retailers will experience makes it one of the most effective merchandising tools of its kind, ensuring fresh produce looks good but more importantly stays good for longer."

To date Astron Engineering has shipped over 50 cases using the NuaLight CryoLED solution to Supervalu and other customers, and have received a very positive reception from both retailers and shoppers alike.

Eugene Scally, owner of the innovative Supervalu store in Clonakilty, Co Cork, and winner of the “Best in Fresh” award 2006 said, "We are pleased to be one of the first food retailers to install this innovative and energy efficient technology and look forward to future developments with Astron Engineering and NuaLight in delivering additional products for other display case applications.

"Any technology that reduces energy consumption, prolongs shelf life and improves the quality of fresh produce, is a technology that all retailers should be considering."