AGI and Lighting Science develop in-store LED retail displays

Feb. 26, 2007
LED fixtures enable long-life retail displays that avoid damage due to heating.
In-store display units built by AGI In-Store (AGI), a leading designer and producer of point of purchase displays for a broad range of industry leaders, will use LED fixtures developed in collaboration with Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSG).

LSG will provide AGI with LED lighting fixtures that will be incorporated in AGI's fixture design and development process. These efficient, low-heat fixtures will provide AGI with cost savings and as well as extending display life and avoiding any potential product damage.

LSG says that its engineering staff will work with AGI's team of experienced designers and engineers to ensure the seamless incorporation of the LED lighting fixtures into powerful in-store display solutions.

Ron Lusk, chairman and chief executive officer of Lighting Science, said "Because AGI conducts business with many of the major retail outlets, such as Wal-Mart, Target and Origins, they bring to this relationship tremendous insight and access to a valuable customer base. We are confident that our reliable, durable and cost effective LED fixtures will be highly complementary to their current and future product offerings."

Steve Dopp, president of AGI described in-store fixtures as an extension of the sales process and said that AGI designs these units to gain attention, improve the buying experience and ultimately influence purchasing decisions.

"In addition, the nature of our business is such that the technology that we use should not damage or alter the appearance of the items being displayed," explained Dopp. "It is therefore paramount that we minimize any potential damage that may result from heat exposure, as our retail fixtures and displays are often maintained for a long period of time."

Dopp added that LSG's LED lights provide a high quality output of light that lasts 300-500 percent longer than other lighting technologies, while using significantly less energy. Because of this, he said, "the formation of this partnership is a logical step forward."