Patents: Luminus, Nexxus and new US patents

May 1, 2007
Luminus as received five more US patents, and Nexxus, Avago, Altman and others have also been granted patents.
Five more US patents for Luminus

Luminus Devices has received five new U.S. patents for its PhlatLight™ (Photonic Lattice Light Source) technology. The new patents add to the six patents previously granted to Luminus (see news item). The company says it has filed over 100 additional U.S. and international patent applications.

Luminus has invested over $10 million dollars in IP development and the company’s extensive portfolio now provides coverage for high-power LED chips, packaging and optical systems. While Luminus is currently manufacturing PhlatLight LEDs for large screen high-definition displays, PhlatLight technology can be applied to many other LED applications, some of which Luminus is exploring through various collaborations and licensing agreements.

Nexxus receives patent for LED pool & spa lighting

Nexxus Lighting has been issued a patent for its Galaxy/IGP LED pool light. US patent number 7,204,602 is directed at an LED light assembly that utilizes multiple red, green and blue LEDs to change the color of the water and a control circuit that allows users to change colors or programmed light patterns with the on/off toggling of a switch.

"We applied for this patent back in 2002 and we believe it is a fundamental technology to many of the pool lights that have been introduced since we introduced our IGP," stated inventor Roy Archer, Nexxus Lighting's General Manager and Director of Orlando Operations. "LED lighting for pools has become very common for both new construction and also for the replacement of old incandescent/halogen light bulbs to provide dramatic color changing and lighting effects with the flip of a switch. Our technology is the foundation on which many of the products were built."

Nexxus Lighting, formerly Super Vision, now has 21 issued patents, four of which relate to LED technology. The company recently signed a patent license agreement with Color Kinetics after a long and bitter dispute.

Recent US patents related to LEDs

Number: 7210806
Title: High-Density Illumination System
Inventor: Holman, Cox
Assignee: Digital Optics International
A compact and efficient optical illumination system featuring planar multi-layered LED light source arrays concentrating their polarized or un-polarized output within a limited angular range.

Number: 7210818
Title: Flexible LED Lighting Strip
Inventor: Luk, Altman
Assignee: Altman Stage Lighting
A flexible lighting device includes an elongated flexible tube with a translucent tube shell and a flexible circuit board set in the tube, on which LEDs are mounted.

Number: 7212287
Title: Providing Optical Feedback on Light Color
Inventor: Jaffar, Lim, Lee
Assignee: Avago Technologies
Optical feedback for controlling color of light from an LED light source is provided. The system creates X, Y and Z tristimulus values for use as feedback in controlling color of the light generated.

Number: 7207692
Title: Illumination Device With Color Conversion Modules
Inventor: Hulse
Assignee: iLight Technologies
An illumination device for simulating neon or similar lighting incorporates removable and interchangeable color conversion modules, thus allowing for emission of light in colors that cannot ordinarily be achieved by use of light-emitting diodes alone without significant increase in cost or complexity of the illumination device.

Number: 7208881
Title: LED Strobe Light
Inventor: Young
Assignee: Dialight

Number: 7204622
Title: Methods and Systems for Illuminating Environments
Inventor: Dowling, Morgan, Blackwell
Assignee: Color Kinetics
The methods and systems include facilities for providing both white and non-white illumination, with color and color temperature control, in programmed response to inputs. Methods and systems are also provided for improving the addressing of light systems in a network lighting configuration.

Number: 7201494
Title: Lighting System of Adjustable Color Temperature
Inventor: You, Yeh, Lee, Shieh, Chien, Wang
Assignee: Opto Tech Corporation

Number: 7202613
Title: Controlled Lighting Methods and Apparatus
Inventor: Morgan, Dowling, Lys, Roberge, Chemel, Hyer, Blackwell, Warwick
Assignee: Color Kinetics