LG pocket projector driven by Luminus LEDs

Jan. 1, 2007
LG's new LED pocket projector, the brightest commercially available, delivers an unprecedented 100 lumens.
LG Electronics has unveiled what is described as the brightest commercially available LED-based pocket projector on the market, using a PhlatLight PT39 chipset from Luminus Devices.

The Luminus chipset enables the LGE pocket projector to deliver more than 100 ANSI lumens, compared with the 15 to 30 lumens produced by LED projectors currently available through retail channels. As a result, the LGE pocket projector can operate in daylight conditions and project a larger image with superior color and image quality.

The LGE Ultra Mobile Projector’s compact size and battery operation make it an attractive option for those seeking an alternative to bulky projection equipment, whose use is generally confined to lecture halls and meeting rooms. These projectors use arc lamps, while pocket projectors use LEDs to enable a compact size, as well as very long lifetime and instant-on capability.

"LG Electronics prides itself on delivering the most advanced display technology to its customers and is pleased to announce the expansion of its digital display product line with the introduction of a pocket-sized mini projector," said Han-Kyoung Cho, chief research engineer at LG Electronics, Inc.

"The unique advantages that Luminus’ PhlatLight technology provides has allowed us to not only produce the brightest mini projector available today, but to create one of the first products of its kind."

Luminus has already supplied PhlatLight chipsets to a number of DLP television manufacturers. The company recently unveiled a new website to explain the benefits of PhlatLight technology.