Traxon and AGC Glass Europe agree to develop LEDs in glass

May 20, 2010
AGC’s Glassiled safety glass with embedded LEDs will be combined with LED color-mixing and control systems from Traxon.
Lighting manufacturer Traxon Technologies has signed an agreement with glass manufacturer AGC Glass Europe to develop a range of products and capabilities combining LEDs and glass for the illumination of buildings and interiors.

AGC manufactures Glassiled, a patented safety glass with embedded LEDs. The companies plan to combine this with Traxon’s technology for sustainable LED lighting systems, to provide illumination and animate facades, atriums and conservatories as well as interiors. The solutions can be used for buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other large building in any environment, as well as wall cladding, partitions or showcases in shops, restaurants, bathrooms, boats and trains.

In addition to the advantages of LED technologies such as low energy consumption, long lifetime and space-saving, as well as monochrome or sophisticated RGB color mixing options, the innovative Glassiled can bring out all the benefits of glass in any environment. Designers can create new applications with an unlimited range of effects thanks to LEDs embedded in the transparent or mirror glass structure. Almost any design or logo can be reproduced in Glassiled.

Furthermore, coupled with advanced control solutions, customers can enjoy the “dynamic world of colors at their fingertips, with the individual lighting memory settings and remote control features,” says Traxon.

“Architects and designers all over the world will be able to give their creativity free rein in mastering light with Glassiled. Thanks to the high-performance lighting software and control system from Traxon we can propose exclusive, environment-friendly solutions” says Jean-Luc Batkin, Vice-President, Solar & Processed Glass of AGC Glass Europe.

“Our partnership with AGC will enhance our portfolio of LED systems and in combination with our control systems we will be able to offer superb, integrated and innovative LED-glass based solutions to the market,” says Mike Mastroyiannis, Managing Director of Traxon Technologies. “In addition, our agreement will lead to further synergies based on the global presence of both companies, to support local projects and customer needs.”