Swiss department store chooses energy-saving LED lighting solution

July 1, 2010
The Manor Group, a Swiss department store chain, has recently undertaken an energy-saving LED lighting project, which led to cost savings and easier maintenance.
The Manor Group, the largest Swiss department store chain with over 73 shops, recently decided to further its focus on sustainable governance and reduce operating costs to ensure a healthy future throughout the financial crisis with expected reduction in demand. The store chain decided to pursue an energy-saving LED lighting solution.
Energy-saving LEDs light up the food department The Manor Group decided to address the lighting schemes in two stores:
  • The 2100m2 Ladies department in the Zurich flagship store, which was lit with CDM fixtures consuming 256,000 kWh per year.
  • The 1970m2 Food department,in the Basel Manor, which was lit by a mix of fluorescent and HID lamps consuming 255,000 kWh per year.
The company decided to use lighting systems from Swiss-based RD Leuchten that incorporate LED arrays from US-based manufacturer Bridgelux. Both stores opted for a mixed solution of RD Leuchten “RD Micro LED Spot” on tracks and “Carda LED Spots” in a modular frame.
A close-up of the energy-saving LEDs in Manor RD Leuchten and Bridgelux worked together to develop a suitable LED array , and each spot was equipped with a single Bridgelux RS Series LED Array, reducing the energy consumption up to 50%.

The Bridgelux RS Array Series delivers high light-output for applications including retail, street, wide-area, high-bay and commercial lighting, replacing conventional light sources such as 35- to 70-watt metal halide (HID) and high-wattage compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps in luminaires. These arrays produce between 3100 and 4500 “hot” lumens, enabling clean and uniform lighting effects without pixilation, as well as beam control for precision lighting.

LEDs in the Ladies department In retail lighting installations, these arrays have delivered a return on investment of less than two years while delivering the high quality of light proven to positively influence product turnover and customer experience.


As well as a 50% reduction in energy consumption, Manor noted a 3 to 4 degree Celsius drop in temperature at the respective department floor compared to prior with the same HVAC setting.

Due to the absence of UV and IR in the beam, the spots could be positioned closer, if required, to the merchandise without harm (fading of colors in textiles and maintaining the freshness of foods for longer).

Also, the design incorporates the possibility to easily upgrade/adapt the range to the latest LED improvement.Manor not only demonstrated its commitment to sustainability but also will:

  • Save 50% on the energy cost for lighting, resulting in annual savings estimates of CHF 28,000 ($25,900) for the Zurich store and CHF 40,000 for the Basel store.
  • Substantially reduce maintenance costs due to a 4x increase in lamp life
  • Attain payback within retail requirements for lighting
Energy-saving LED lighting from Bridgelux and RD Leuchten

Less quantifiable are the additional benefits of:

  • Lack of UV radiation eliminating the need for filters to protect merchandise
  • Elimination of IR radiation to ensure freshness of perishable items
  • Reduced climate control costs and a more pleasant shopping experience.