LED lighting at forefront of Osram Sylvania commercial lighting survey

Sept. 21, 2010
A major survey of lighting designers and facility professionals shows that nearly three quarters are currently using or planning to implement LEDs.
Osram Sylvania has carried out a Commercial Lighting Survey, which reveals the priorities and experiences of over 350 lighting designers and facility decision-makers across the education, healthcare, hospitality, office and retail sectors.

The survey sheds light on the current and emerging needs of building professionals and defines how highly-efficient LEDs and solid-state lighting (SSL) are shaping the future of commercial spaces.

Among the key findings of the survey, an overwhelming 84 percent of respondents revealed that energy efficiency, operating costs and maintenance are top considerations when making lighting decisions.

The survey results signal that lighting has become a top priority for businesses. Most respondents believe that total cost of ownership is important, rather than focusing just on the initial cost.

Key findings of the 2010 Osram Sylvania Commercial Lighting Survey include:

  • Energy efficiency is important: 61% of respondents are looking to energy-efficient lighting solutions.

  • Lighting is a top priority: 71% of facilities and lighting professionals have evaluated their commercial lighting in just the past year. And 53% have evaluated lighting in the last 6 months alone.

  • 84% of building and lighting professionals cite energy consumption at an important factor when making lighting decisions. The same percentage, cite operating costs and maintenance as an important factor.

  • Businesses are turning to LEDs and solid state lighting: 73% of building and lighting professionals are currently using LEDs or planning to use LED lighting in their commercial spaces.

  • Low maintenance, reduced costs and energy-efficiency are the most important advantages of LEDs, but the size of the initial investment is the top barrier to LED adoption.

  • 76% of lighting professionals surveyed believe it is more important to have lighting that saves money over its lifetime, even if it costs more to purchase and install.

“Our inaugural Commercial Lighting Survey reveals a technological transformation happening in the commercial sector,” said Rick Leaman, president and CEO of Osram Sylvania. “Businesses clearly recognize the energy and performance benefits of LED and solid-state lighting. They are becoming early adopters of this technology to improve their commercial spaces and reap the financial benefits of energy efficiency.”

Commercial spaces represent more than half of all the energy consumed in the US, according to the Department of Energy. The industries surveyed in this research have the greatest opportunity to reduce the nation’s energy use with such technologies as super-efficient LEDs and SSL. Moreover, the research findings help bridge industry perspectives to those of consumers polled in the annual Sylvania Socket Survey, which measures consumer awareness and attitudes about lighting technology and legislation.

Headquartered in Danvers, Mass., Osram Sylvania is the North American operation of Germany-based Osram GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG.

Survey methodology

The survey was conducted by telephone between Aug. 12 and Sept. 2, 2010. The total sample size was 352, including 252 purchasing and facilities decision-makers with influence over lighting decisions and 100 lighting designers and specifiers. Purchasing and facilities decision makers represented five industries with 50 respondents each: Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, and Office (which had 52 interviews).

Respondents were recruited off of commercially available lists and screened for job function. Purchasing and facilities decision-makers worked for companies with at least $50 million in revenue. Target companies were identified by SIC codes. The survey was conducted by KRC Research.