Zumtobel LED technology lights hip Austria board shop

Jan. 21, 2010
Newest Moreboards snowboard and skateboard shop in Kufstein, Austria relies solely on LEDs for low-power store lighting.

Moreboards, a popular chain of snowboard and skateboard store in Austria, has turned to LED lighting in its newest location in Kufstein. The LED-only store-illumination scheme promises to save energy and lower maintenance costs. The LED luminaires have an average service life of 50,000 hours so maintenance workers will rarely have to disturb retail operations to service the fixtures. Moreover, the LED fixtures do not emit UV or IR wavelengths, or heat, ensuring soft and gentle illumination of the store's goods.

Eight square Careena fixtures provide primary lighting

Eight square Zumtobel Careena luminaires provide general illumination for the store. The luminaires produce a mix of white and red LED light at a 3500K color temperature. The fixture relies on what Zumtobel calls a micro-pyramidal optic (MPO+) to uniformly diffuse the light and offers a CRI of 90. Each 52W Careena fixture outputs a luminous flux level that's equivalent to four 14W fluorescent lamps.

LED spots and light lines highlight merchandise

Zumtobel Vivo spotlights, Tempura spotlights, and SystemLED light lines provide accent lighting. As an example of the power savings afforded by LEDs, consider the LED spots relative to alternatives. The Vivo spots range from 12W to 30W, while you would need 50W to 90W halogen lamps to achieve the same light level.

The Tempura spotlights rely on 24 chip-on-board LEDs that are divided into six clusters. A controller can dynamically vary color temperature from 2700K to 6500K, and can also vary brightness. Lenses can vary the flood beam pattern to 16-, 25-, or 40-degree widths.

Vivo spotlights and Careena luminaires cast light

The Vivo LED spotlights provide a complement with the ability to swap between 15-degreee spot and 25-degree flood outputs. The spotlights are available in a choice of 3000K or 4200K color temperatures, and provide dimming capabilities. The LED light lines add cove, backlight and surface illumination.

LEDs also offer the aesthetic advantage of dynamic lighting control and color sequences. The Moreboards installation relies on a Zumtobel Luxmate Emotion control system. The system can control two channels of 64 DALI-dimmable luminaires and spotlights .The controller can vary color and brightness of the LED lighting system. In the Moreboards installation, the designers programmed three different light sequences that employees can access with the simple push of a button.