Optiled and Cree light Singapore public housing with LEDs

Aug. 4, 2010
Optiled will ultimately supply 64,000 SSL luminaires based on Cree LEDs to light the Jurong Town public housing estate in Singapore.

Optiled Lighting International will deploy LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) as a retrofit in 400 of the 588 buildings that comprise the Jurong Town public housing estate in Singapore. Optiled will ultimately install 64,000 SSL luminaires that use Cree XLamp XR-E LEDs in what the company proclaims to be "the largest public LED lighting makeover that the Singaporean government has ever conducted."

Optiled had to meet stringent Singaporean government standards in developing the luminaires for the project. The luminaires combine Optiled's expertise in power supply design, thermal management, optics design, and adaptive controls with Cree's LEDs.

"As a government project, we knew they would expect our very best, most technically demanding work," said Peter Chan, managing director of Optiled. "But our experience working with Cree gave us complete confidence we could meet the challenge. Our expertise, combined with Cree’s lighting-class LEDs, enabled us to deliver an outstanding product to Jurong Town."

Cree has been the sole supplier of LEDs to Optiled since 2000. The duo have partnered in a number of projects including in hotels, banks, and retail establishments.

"The Jurong Town installation required great manufacturing precision, and it has been one of the most exciting projects that we’ve done in cooperation with Optiled. Our joint success is a solid indicator of the world-class work we are able to accomplish by working together," said Soo-Ghee Lee, vice president and general manager, Cree Asia Pacific. "At Cree we pride ourselves on the immense experience and expertise we have gained working on LED lighting technology for more than two decades, and Optiled has helped bring our LEDs to the forefront."