Cyberlux enters OEM partnership, receives patent

Feb. 1, 2006
Cyberlux has entered a strategic OEM partnership with a leading retail product company, and has been awarded a patent for emergency lighting systems.
Cyberlux, a US-based developer and manufacturer of solid-state lighting products, has entered into an OEM solid-state lighting product partnership with "a leading retail products company" that will remain unnamed until the first wave of products are launched in the second quarter of 2006.

Cyberlux will sell its existing products as well as exclusively develop and produce new solid-state lighting products for broad retail store distribution.

Cyberlux describes its new OEM retail partner as "a global retail industry leader" with stocking distribution centers across the United States, distribution in over 20,000 retail customer locations, a dedicated sales and service team supporting retail, and sales distribution in over 50 countries worldwide.

Donald Evans, CEO of Cyberlux Corporation, said "With our experience in all aspects of solid-state lighting product development and our partner’s knowledge of retail marketing, sales and support, we see this partnership as an opportunity to accelerate the introduction of breakthrough solid-state lighting products into broad retail distribution."

Cyberlux awarded US patent

Cyberlux has been awarded US patent number 6,986,589 B2 entitled "Apparatus and Methods for Providing an Emergency Lighting Augmentation System," which describes an emergency lighting technology based on LEDs.

The claims awarded by the U.S. Patent Office address a lighting system capable of providing long-term solutions for emergency and interim lighting. Specifically, these claims address the solid-state lighting elements and associated devices for providing emergency or temporal lighting mounted adjacent to the existing lighting system; the control circuit in electronic communication with solid-state lighting system including wireless communication; the power sensing technology for sensing power disruption in a main power supply which illuminates the lighting elements upon sensing power disruption to determining the electrical power state of an environment.

The patent embodies lighting devices capable of providing long-term solutions for interim and emergency lighting via an array of LEDs, the means for providing electrical energy to the LED array, the capability of multi-level light intensity consistent with light longevity and power source relationships including conventional A/C, solar, various electrochemical assemblies or all other means of electrical energy support.

Last year, Cyberlux installed an emergency lighting system based on the patented technology in the Emergency Situation Room at Kings Park High School in King Park, N.Y. The pilot program demonstrated the potential to use LED solid-state lighting to prepare schools and other shelters throughout the county to provide assistance to communities in the aftermath of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, electric grid failures and any other calamity that can cause widespread electricity blackouts.

The lighting system was based on Cyberlux’s Reliabright Emergency Lighting System powered by a remote, constant charge battery pack that provides up to 80 hours of light on a single battery charge. The system is activated by a proprietary sensor system that detects a loss of power in the building's electrical system.

In a similar pilot project, Cyberlux installed a solid-state semiconductor lighting system in the emergency management “war room” for the City of Cleveland. The project was in response to the widespread power blackouts in 2003.