Sumitomo to sell Intematix's LED phosphors

Feb. 13, 2006
LED phosphor manufacturer Intematix has appointed Sumitomo as its representative in Japan.

Phosphor supplier Intematix Corporation of Fremont, California, has announced a representation agreement with Japan's Sumitomo Corporation.

The agreement positions Sumitomo as the key representative in Japan for Intematix' expanding line of phosphors that are used to create a variety of cool and warm white, green, and other color high-brightness (HB) LEDs.

"As one of Japan's most respected commodity suppliers, Sumitomo represents an incredible number of important relationships in Japan. We are honored by their financial and sales commitment to Intematix's intellectual property portfolio," stated Yi Qun Li, Intematix vice president of engineering and co-founder.

"Not only is this a substantial commercial validation of our IP standing within the solid state lighting community, but it also opens the door to key relationships within one of the world's most important high-brightness LED markets."

"Intematix phosphors offer Sumitomo's customers a true merchant supply choice for these cutting-edge materials," states Yoshinobu Fukuda, General Manager of EME Dept at Sumitomo. "Intematix has demonstrated its ability to rapidly adapt their solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

"When you add that to the continuing advances in performance and Intematix' respected intellectual property, this agreement will allow Sumitomo to deepen our customer relationships in the technology segments that are enabling the exciting global growth of LED-based solid state lighting. In addition, Sumitomo foresees the value of Intematix material discovery platform to be applied to other interested material technologies in clean energy, digital imaging and Nano- electronics sectors."