DGA illuminates trade-fair stand with white power LEDs

May 11, 2006
Italian lighting manufacturer DGA illuminated its 130 sq.m booth at Light+Building entirely with white LED fixtures.
DGA booth at Light+Building DGA Fibre Ottiche Sr, a lighting manufacturer based near Firenze (Florence) in Italy, had a stand at the recent Light+Building show in Frankfurt that was entirely lit with LED fixtures.

The company believes that its presentation of technical lighting fittings at Light+Building in its 130 m2 open-space booth was evidence that "lighting with power LEDs is finally a reality."

DGA says that it performs "rigorous selection" of LED components, which enables the company to show the latest state-of-the art technology combined with Italian design.

SIRIUS 20-LED fixture

Power LEDs are only adopted if they offer the highest light quality. Key performance targets are light efficiency (only 60 lm for cold white and 40lm for warm white are used), color temperature (only a very precise spot of the chromatic spectrum is selected to guarantee color consistency at both 5000K and 3200K) and color rendering index (only RA= 85-90 is used in DGA's POWERLEDSYSTEM collection).

As well as these light quality aspects, DGA has a construction patent that offers high product reliability, both for heat management and for an assembly that avoids any kind of condensation or the shortening of product lifetime.

In addition, each lighting fitting in the POWERLED collection has a high finish quality; products are manufactured with full blocks of metals such as aluminum or stainless steel AISI 316L, and these are then treated to guarantee high resistance against all environmental agents.

In terms of technology, DGA maintains a strong partnership with power LED suppliers. The company was able to exhibit the implementation of Luxeon K2 LEDs from Lumileds, which were used in a 20-LED outdoor lighting fixture for façade lighting (the SIRIUS product).

FLY downlight

The K2 provides 140 lm for each LED, or 2800 lm in total from a IP65 lighting fixture with a small surface area of approx. 150 x 150 mm. The illuminance measurement is 350 lux at a distance of 10m, 880 lux at 5m and 2700 lux at 2.5m.

In comparison, the version of SIRIUS version using 20 1W power LEDs (with 60 lm/W efficacy) provides 130 lux at 10m, 370 lux at 5m and 1370 lux at 2.5m.

As well as SIRIUS, the lamp FLY, in both hanging and wall-mounted versions, demonstrates that lighting with power LEDs is now a reality.

DGA offers a full range of products for technical projects, including recessed IP68, panel-mounted lights for retail and displays, downlights for office lighting and many more, that make up a collection of over 550 products. Thanks to its patented modular system, DGA can meet all architectural needs through a choice of 7 optics, methods of installation, finish and IP ratings for all product families.