LSG and Osram Opto develop LED-based MR-16 and R-30 lamps

July 18, 2006
Lighting Science Group has incorporated Osram Ostar LEDs into MR-16 and R-30 lamps that are targeting industrial, commercial and consumer lighting markets.
Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSG), an LED fixture manufacturer, has announced that its new LED-based MR-16 and R-30 lamps are using OSTAR® Lighting LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. Prototype lamps were displayed on Osram's booth at Lightfair in June (see Lightfair International - no shortage of LEDs in Vegas).
R-30 lamp from LSG uses Ostar LEDs LSG's new energy-efficient lamps offer a direct alternative to the highly popular MR-16, or metalized reflector halogen lamp, currently used in the marketplace. LSG says that significant energy savings are possible when these lamps are used in industrial and commercial applications, especially in shopping malls, kiosks, museums, and office complexes where the benefit of replacing conventional lighting over hundreds of thousands of square feet can add up very quickly.

The relationship between Osram Opto Semiconductors and LSG covers the use of the OSTAR for the development of LSG's MR-16 and R-30 lamps. Osram Opto will provide its recently introduced OSTAR® six-chip series LED, based on the company's patented ThinGaN® chip technology, and LSG will incorporate the devices with its patented Optimized Digital Lighting (ODL®) technology.

The MR-16 lamp from LSG will contain a single OSTAR six-series chip design with lens, whereas the R-30 lamp will contain three OSTAR six-series chip designs with lens. Osram says that the OSTAR’s unique chip design is ideal for down lighting as it delivers exceptional brightness from a very small source. Its hexagonal shape also enables more LEDs to be linked together in space-saving, high-intensity packages.

At 420 lumens and an operating current of 700 mA, a single OSTAR with lens is brighter than a 20-watt (W), low-voltage halogen lamp. Test results indicate that the MR-16 lamp will maintain 70 percent of its lumen output over an estimated life of 50,000 hours or approximately six years.

Tom Shottes, president and CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductors, said, "This collaboration with LSG immediately extends the use of OSRAM’s advanced LED technology and components from the automotive sector into the industrial, commercial, and consumer down lighting markets."

Ron Lusk, LSG's chairman and CEO, said that the company was so pleased with its initial testing that it is already looking at expanding the use of Osram OSTAR to some of its other high output, energy efficient product lines.

The lamps are currently in production and are available for purchase online at, through distributors and big box retailers. The estimated retail price of the MR-16 from LSG is $39.99, and the price for the R-30 from LSG is $89.99.