Lighting Science attracts corporate and hospitality customers

July 28, 2006
Merrill Lynch is to adopt LED lighting fixtures from Lighting Science Group in one of its parking garages, and a new showroom in Las Vegas will promote LEDs to local market.
Lighting Science Group Corporation says that Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. will become the first shared-savings customer for LSG's LED lighting fixtures. The Low Bay lighting fixtures will be installed in one of the garages at Merrill Lynch’s Pennington, NJ corporate campus. The agreement follows a successful, extensive beta test.

Lighting Science’s Low Bay LED lights consume approximately 75 watts, roughly 60% less than incumbent lighting technologies. Additionally, the lights last 50,000 hours, or 5.7 years when switched on constantly, some 3-5 times longer than other types of lighting. Therefore, the LED fixtures are expected to lead to substantial energy and maintenance cost savings.

In addition, Lighting Science’s “solid state” ODL lighting solutions are environmentally friendly since they use less energy and do not contain any of the harmful gases used by some types of conventional lighting that require specialized disposal procedures.

Garages are substantial consumers of energy, and Merrill Lynch’s corporate campus garage is among the first to "go green."

Ron Lusk, chairman and CEO of Lighting Science, said "We are confident that Merrill Lynch will be pleased with the significantly lower energy utilization, longer life and lower corresponding maintenance than conventional fixtures."

Melcher distributes LSG products via Vegas showroom

Melcher Enteprises, a Nevada distribution company, has signed a distribution agreement with Lighting Science Group and has opened a showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada to display the various LED fixtures from LSG. These include the new Lowbay lighting fixture, the R-30 floodlight, and the MR-16 bulb.

“There is a huge number of high-volume lighting customers in Nevada that are in great need of these energy saving, long life lighting products," said Gordon Melcher, President of Melcher Enterprises. "Hotels, casinos, and many other commercial, entertainment and construction customers are extremely interested in these solutions and their impact on the bottom line."

"The hospitality industry in Nevada will benefit tremendously from the introduction of our cost saving LED fixtures and bulbs," said LSG's Ron Lusk. "We believe that Melcher Enterprises has the expertise, contacts and commitment to make rapid inroads into this market segment."