Seoul Semiconductor’s 75-lm LED offers superior reliability

Sept. 1, 2006
Seoul Semiconductor(SSC), a market leader in LED packages, has introduced the new Z-power LED series, P2, with super brightness and high reliability.
Figure 1 SSC’s advanced technology enables the new Z-power LED package, P2, to achieve a typical light output of 75 lumens at 500 mA (see figure 1).

The P2 also features high reliability with the improved package structure.

SSC has designed the P2, targeted at the applications operating at a high current, such as illuminating fixtures. On September 4, 2006, SSC started mass-producing the P2.

The P2 features:
- High brightness with one chip: typical 75 lumens and minimum 60 lumens at 500 mA
- High reliability
- Reflow solderability (SMD Type)
- Viewing angle: 130 deg

Bringing the Sunlight into Your Home and Office

- SSC’s exclusive lighting solution : 3,500-4,500 K Natural White LEDs

Everyone enjoys the color of the sunrise. Yet sunlight is rarely a convenient and often unreliable option until now.

Seoul Semiconductor's Natural white LED (3500-4500 Kelvin) fills in the gap between pure white (6500Kelvin) and warm white (3000 Kelvin). Our technology is founded upon blue LEDs activating our proprietary phosphor blend.

Through blue activated phosphors, the natural white LED replicates the most natural color of the sunlight. SSC is now in production of the complete spectral distribution of natural white light and able to provide these colors to our customers.

In the past some companies offered daylight colors via florescent lamps . However, flourescent lamps contain many hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and other materials. Therefore, there has been an increasing demands for the hazard-free LEDs. SSC offers a wide range of LED lighting sources.

Figure 2 Along with the nearly 4,000 K, SSC offers a range of light sources from 2,650 - 10,000K. We offer the widest range available to meet all of your lighting needs (see figure 2).

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